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PD Notes

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Growth Mindset Video-Carol Dweck - The power of praise of effort vs. praise of intelligence

When a Lesson Goes Wrong-Teaching Channel  - Everybody makes mistakes; it's all about how you handle it

How Dogs and Cats Teach Their Young-Which are you?  


Next Steps Academy - training to provide date used to provide AIW PD to prevent the program from getting stagnant (helps with data collection process)

AIW Workshops - more focused, less expensive, but less extensive


Bruce King


Analysis of Questioning Practices Handout from D-NH

* @ D-NH AIW has pretty much replaced PLC.


Substantive Conversation Rubric from Kelly Gallagher


That's Ridiculous! Activity *Justify your thinking on a ridiculous prompt. (recess & car)


All Share/Prepare *Here's the situation...plan your argument/defense

Focus on Positive Branding of the School    
Focus on Finding More Time and Better Use of that Time     

Resource from InstructionalCoaching.com 

Resource from Corwin.com




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