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The score was 67 to 70 Hornets were winning and I was nervous because coach told me to shoot the three and I have only made 3 this year. We got out of the huddle and we took our positions and they passed it in to me with 7.4 seconds to go I was dribbling down the court and I got open and shot and he fouled me and I made it with 3.7 seconds! 70-70 with one free throw. The crowd was really loud and I am not used to that I just concentrated on the basket and shot it hit the rim went all of the way around the rim and it went out and they got the rebound. I could tell that everyone was very tired but that didn't stop us from winning the game. They shot it and missed so it is going into overtime. We scored 26 more points and they kept up with us with 24 points. When we were in the huddle coach said “ we need to get in the game we are up by two now can we hold this lead, lets play defense now boys this is what we have been practicing for now lets go!” 1,2,3, defense!

We went out and played defense and Darren blocked the shot and took it back for two we were up by four now with 12.9 seconds to go in overtime the score was 98-94 very close! They took the three but missed and we got it and ran the time out.


We are going to the championship and we play the blue devils. They are pretty good and we have a good chance to beat them but we will see after. When we seen there players they were tall compared to us there tallest guy was 6”9 and the shortest one was 6”3. Our tallest guy is Darren and he is 6”5 and the shortest one is Ryan he is 5'9 I am about 6”1. We lost the tip off and they scored right away and we hit a three right after and it was a battle to the end. At the end it was another close one 79 to 78 we are up with 16.5 seconds to go in the fourth quarter. It was their ball and they scored then we made a three to make it 82 to 80 us.and that was the final score we won the champion!

Now was baseball season and I was still excited from basketball and I was confident we were a better team that we were in basketball. Our first game was today and we won by a close game 5-4. Our second we lost by a point and at that point I was worried because we won one by one and lost so our competition is looking good this year. We were in the semifinals and played one of the best team in the state and our team was pumped because we have won the past fifteen games and we didn’t want to be eliminated this early. It was the third inning when their best batter came up to bat and hit a homerun and they were winning 1-0. The same inning we retaliated with three points. By the bottom of the ninth we were up to bat and I was up to bat after Tod with the score 4-6 them and I was nervous just like basketball. Tod struck out and it was up to me to hit an RBI the whole year relied on it. I kept saying in my head “ I am going to hit it.”

It was a 2-2 count man on second and third and i swung and hit it through first base and second right through the gap. One scored and we were still down by one it was up to me to get from first to home without getting out. Frank one of our better player was up to bat and he was showing the bunt stance. I was thinking don’t do that you will get out. And one went right past him for a strike. He pitched it and it went over the catcher twice and Jared stole home and made it, and I also got to third. Now the score was tied 6-6 Frank swings and misses so the count is 2-2 he gets hit and goes to first. “Man on first and third,” coach said. Darren was up to bat and he hits it right away to third and they were watching me and they threw it to first and they missed it so I slid into home being victorious.

But when it came to the little league world series it was hard [so we think]. We stomped them 9-4 with no problem and we one once again. “I am very proud of all of you young men and you will have a very good future ahead of you,” coach said as we dumped gatorade on him. I was proud to and the trophies looks good in my trophy case with all of the other ones.


Name: Colton

Age: 16

Date: 5-19-14



Comments (14)

Taylor N said

at 1:14 pm on Dec 18, 2014

I like how you started the story in the middle of the basketball game.

Morganne M said

at 1:15 pm on Dec 18, 2014

I like how the story began in the middle of the game. Good job!

Chloe Ga said

at 1:16 pm on Dec 18, 2014

I love how you started the story

Gina G said

at 1:20 pm on Dec 18, 2014

I like how you started the story with "It was 67 to 70 Hornets. Good job!

Hannah V said

at 1:20 pm on Dec 18, 2014

i like how you described their heights so we can picture them better

Ezra S said

at 1:29 pm on Dec 18, 2014

I like how you started the story in the action of a basketball game!

Ian M. said

at 1:33 pm on Dec 18, 2014

I found it interesting that you started the story in the middle of a game. Nice Job.

Brinna E. said

at 1:45 pm on Dec 18, 2014

Good job, I like how you could picture it.

Sam W said

at 1:51 pm on Dec 18, 2014

I like how you got the readers attention by starting the story off with excitement. Good job.

Miranda J said

at 1:58 pm on Dec 18, 2014

Cool start of your story. Good job!

Brennan I said

at 2:59 pm on Dec 18, 2014

I liked how it was immediately into the game with 7.4 seconds left.

Joey S. said

at 9:04 am on Dec 19, 2014

I like how you did it on your interests.

Charles S said

at 1:30 pm on Dec 19, 2014

I love the way that you described every player and where they were good story about foosketball

Rebecca F. said

at 1:39 pm on Dec 19, 2014

I like the way you started the story. It got me hooked and wanted to read more right away!

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