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Page history last edited by Emma P 5 years, 3 months ago

     They say no one has lived there since 1932. Not a single renter, has come to even look at the house. It is so far out of town, it is not even on the realtors website.

     “Do you think that it will be nice?” asked Cory.

     “Maybe,” Said Elizabeth.The realtors did not believe that this address was correct. They looked throughout the whole website. Elizabeth and      Cory gave directions to the driver, and off they went to look at the unlisted house.

     “Turn right up here, then take a left up there,”

     The house was at least 12 miles into the forest, it was creepy looking, and very dark. They then got to an old broken down house, surrounded by trees, and wild life.

     “Thats the house,” Cory mentioned.  “It doesn’t look the least bit different,”

     “Do you know who lives here?” The realtor asked.

     “No one. The house has been empty for a good eighty years,”

     Cory and Elizabeth got out of the car, and walked around the house, It was big and very unfriendly looking. They went back home, and talked.

     “So, its true, the house is there,”

     “Yeah,” “It’s kind of interesting,”

     “Definitely, want to go back?” Cory asked.

     “Why would we?”

     “Well if you think about it, that house is huge, if we bought it, we could turn it into a beautiful house!”

     “That is true, but where would we get the money to buy it? Also, even after buying it where would we get the money to remodel it?”

     “We both have jobs, we both have money,” “I am sure we have enough,”

     The two friends went to talk to the realtors about the house, and how they want to buy it. He said there was no way of knowing how much it was worth, they haven’t been inside to check or even look at its past. Cory and Elizabeth talked it over with them. First thing tomorrow, the realtors would be going to check out the house.

     “The house is worth probably about 12,000,” The realtor told them.

     “Why so cheap?” Elizabeth asked.

     “The house needs new flooring, and paint, everything needs to be re-done,”

     Cory and Elizabeth were extremely happy, because the house was cheap, but they weren’t so happy about having to re-model. Cory and Elizabeth would need to come up with enough money to shingle the roof, floor the house, and put new insulation in.. That was only the start. After that they still needed to paint, and do yard work.

     “This is a mess!” Elizabeth cried.

     “Agreed, but imagine what it will be like when its all finished!”

     About 2 months later, things were going smoothly, flooring was done, the insulation was re-done, and the roof was shingled.

     “It’s getting late, I think we should finish painting tomorrow,”

     Cory and Elizabeth went to bed. Later that night, Cory heard a noise, the noise was continuous. She went to wake up Elizabeth, but she couldn't hear anything. “Thump Thump Thump,”

     Cory turned. “What was that? Did you feel that, too?”

     “Yeah, what was that? Its almost like something is under us,” Elizabeth said.

     Elizabeth and Cory went back to bed, but little did they know, they were not the only ones in the house. This house hasn’t been empty ever since 1932…

     Filling her cup with coffee. “Goodmorning!” Elizabeth said.

     “Morning, Elizabeth. Last night was weird. Did it seem cold to you?”

     “Yeah, did you turn the heat down?” She asked.

     “No, I thought maybe you did,” Cory told.

     Cory and Elizabeth went back to work. Later that afternoon they felt the “Thump Thump Thump,”

     “Lizzie! Did you feel that?” Cory screamed.

     “Yeah, it feels like its coming from under the guest bedroom floor. Lets tear it up, and see what it is!”

     “No way! I just layed new flooring,” Cory exclaimed.

     “C’mon, we can’t live with that noise anymore,” Elizabeth said.

     They tore up the new flooring, to find something unbearable. Cory and Elizabeth were living over an old grave yard. No toume stones, just a hole filled with dead bodies. Elizabeth and Cory left the house and did some research on who lived there before, it came up with many old owners. They printed out the pictures of the old owners, and took them back to the house.

     “Why do you think someone would do this, then put a house over it?” Cory asked Elizabeth.

     “I have no clue, but whoever did it is a sick person!”

     They walked into the guest bedroom, with the gross smell, and the hole of dead bodies. All of the old owners that were on the pictures, were in the hole, Cory and Elizabeth soon got scared.

     “Are we next?” Elizabeth asked.

     “Lets get out of here!”

     They tried to leave but the doors locked, and the windows were too tight to open.

     “What is happening?” Cory cried. “Elizabeth? Liz?”

     Cory walked around the house looking for Elizabeth, he could not find her. Cory went back to the guest bedroom, and there she was. Lizzie was in the burning hole. Dead. Cory turned around.

     “Who are you? Why did you kill Elizabeth?” Cory screamed angrily.

     “Wouldn’t you love to know.” Whispered a voice.

     “Who’s there?” He asked.

     A voice spoke quietly, Cory was confused on who it was. Cory felt hands on his back, he was pushed into the hole.

     “This is my house!” Shouted a voice.

     Don’t come back.



Comments (20)

Stryker L. said

at 9:05 am on Dec 18, 2014

I love the details and the dialog in this story.

Levi L. said

at 9:05 am on Dec 18, 2014

I like how you expressed their feelings and how you made it feel like I was right there with them.

Natasha G. said

at 9:08 am on Dec 18, 2014

I love the details in the story and how it made me think that I was there.

BrianneR said

at 9:10 am on Dec 18, 2014

I love how much of a mystery it was! It was really good! I like how he found Liz, and what was happening. It kept me on the edge of my seat! At the end, I was wanting to read more. I was kind of scared!

Jocelyn K said

at 9:12 am on Dec 18, 2014

I love how this story just drags you in slowly and you really wonder what happens to Cory.

Joey S. said

at 9:15 am on Dec 18, 2014

I like how scary it was because I like scary books.

Pauline C said

at 9:19 am on Dec 18, 2014

This is really creepy, if this is what you are going at, then you did a great job

Kayden M. said

at 9:34 am on Dec 18, 2014

Nice I liked the mystery to it

Emily S said

at 9:38 am on Dec 18, 2014

I really liked your story. It was creepy. It made me feel like i was in the story when you said, " The house was 12 miles into the forest; It ws a dark broken down house." Good job!

Megan K said

at 10:19 am on Dec 18, 2014

I like how you are redoing your house and in the story they are doing there house!

Emily J. said

at 12:14 pm on Dec 18, 2014

I really liked all the emotion and details you added to your story! It was really good!! You should make like a second part of it were it tells what they did to the house and what happen to Cory! Great Job!!

Austin M. said

at 12:38 pm on Dec 18, 2014

I liked all the emotions in this story.

Trenten M said

at 8:39 am on Dec 19, 2014

I like how you made a story

Lexi R said

at 9:38 am on Dec 19, 2014

I like how it is wrote like a play ( with dialog)

Sage M said

at 10:28 am on Dec 19, 2014

Great story! I can imagine a voice, out of thin air......

Taylor N said

at 1:35 pm on Dec 19, 2014

I liked this mystery! Great job!

Chloe Gr said

at 1:38 pm on Dec 19, 2014

I like how your story changes from a normal story to them dying. Good job!!

Morganne M said

at 1:51 pm on Dec 19, 2014

I love your detail! I also love scary stories, and this is a pretty good one! :)

Sam W said

at 1:55 pm on Dec 19, 2014

I love that story and I loved how you made it so mysterious I hope you write more so we can find out what happened to Cory. FANTASTIC JOB!

Rebecca F. said

at 1:57 pm on Dec 19, 2014

I love your story! It made me feel like I was there with them and could picture everything that was going on!

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