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Joey S

Page history last edited by Joey S. 5 years, 3 months ago



Life is not about sunshine and rainbows

Life won’t play nice

Life will beat you to your knees

Life will hit harder than anyone else

When you're in pain don’t show it

Because when they see your pain they know they won

They won’t have mercy

But the more you show your pain the more it hurts yourself

Don’t run away

Don’t be a coward

Get back up

If you get hit get back up and keep fighting

It’s not how hard you get hit

It’s not where you get hit

It’s how hard you can get hit and get back up and keep fighting

Don't let life take you down

Don’t tell yourself tell you're down

Don’t lie to yourself

Tell your self you can keep fighting

Even when you have lost everything

Keep fighting

Don’t go and cry

Don’t go down without a fight

You may be small

They may be big

But be the bigger person and win

Because if you go down and stay down your down forever

Be the winner and win



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