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Paige W

Page history last edited by paigew 6 years, 1 month ago



     Where did I go wrong? This shouldn’t be happening or should it. Now that I’m staring death in the face it all seems that the last six months were all for nothing. Well I might as well start from the very beginning…

     Lately I’ve been talking to this guy online his name is Nick and he lives about an hour away in Haxtown, a huge city. He said he was 16, and I’m only 14 but he doesn’t seem to care how old I am.  My friend Hannah says he up to something but I keep telling her it’s all in her mind and she’s crazy for thinking that about him. After we had been taking for a while Nick asked me for my phone number and of course I said yes so we could text and call each other whenever we wanted to. We started texting each other all day every day about what we like to do, if we had good day or not and stuff of that nature. Nick asked me all kinds of thing where I lived if I had any pets, what my favorite foods were, what I liked doing in my free time. He dominated my life and asked me if I of all people would be his girlfriend. I said yes and he was excited, maybe a little to excited. My grades started to drop because of Nick and my parents were furious with me, they took my phone, internet, and everything away form me until my grades improved. The next morning I asked my friend Heather if I could use her friend to text Nick. She mumbled something under her breath and gave me her phone. I texted him that it was me, Sophie and that I would try to get my phone and internet back quickly so we could continue talking

     Three weeks passed and my grades were getting better so I finally got my phone back. As soon as I got it back I ran to my room and started texting him, he said he missed texting me, then asked me if I wanted to meet him in person this weekend. I said that I would have to think about it, he sounded sad when I told him that. I told Hannah that he asked me if I wanted to meet him this weekend. She said and I quote “Are you crazy you don’t even know him, he could be lying to you for all you know.” “I can’t believe you would say something like that, he’s not like that.” We haven’t talked since then. I called Nick after the fight and said that we could meet Saturday at my house since my parents were going to be out of town. I sent him my address and he said he was excited to finally see me in person.

     He was at my house by 11am. Nick knocked on the door and I ran to answer the door. His dirty blonde hair was wavy; eyes were dark brown and his face amazingly, perfect. The moment we saw each other no words came out, he took my hand and we went to the living room. We talked for hours it was at least 3pm before we noticed the time. ‘’My parents will be home any minute!” We ran to my bedroom.

     Nick said if I wanted to we could go to the park and continue our conversation. We drove to the park  and continued to talk. At about 6pm asked him to take me home and we got into his car. He drove right by my house I asked him what he was doing. He took my head and slammed it against the dash. All I saw was black…

     To be continued....



Comments (18)

Allison L. said

at 12:25 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I liked the cliff hanging ending

Megan B said

at 12:25 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I really like the dramatic ending!

Anna T said

at 12:25 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I really liked how you kept us wondering what was going to happen next.

Bryce s said

at 12:27 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I like how you developed the character

Hailey S said

at 12:27 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I liked the dramatic ending and the end kept you in suspense.

Lauren E said

at 12:29 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I really like your story! It kept me in suspense, I'd like to read more!

Emily H said

at 12:31 pm on Apr 1, 2014

This story was really good, i wish it was longer. :P you had great spelling and grammer.

Dillon L said

at 12:34 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I really like your story and how you made it a cliffhanger it makes me really want to find out what happend next.

Kassi S. said

at 12:00 pm on Apr 2, 2014

This story gave me a feeling of great suspense! Good Job!

Casey P said

at 12:13 pm on Apr 2, 2014

You should write more it was great. I really want to hear what happened you should email me the rest if you write more it's very suspenseful and I enjoyed the ending.

NathanC said

at 12:25 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Your a great writer you should write more often that was awesome.

Macy H said

at 12:29 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Great details and voice in this story!

Claire H. said

at 12:30 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I loved the details you used.

Brandon B said

at 12:36 pm on Apr 3, 2014

good job, i loved the detials in your story

Kariann E said

at 12:41 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Great Story! it made me want to keep reading and I like how you added in the suspense.

Joe B. said

at 12:47 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Very exciting and made me want to keep reading.

Jessica K. said

at 1:47 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Paige, this story is really good. You should keep the story going!

Jaylee H. said

at 8:57 am on Apr 7, 2014

Very good details. I liked how intense it got at the ending.

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