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Kaleigh W

Page history last edited by Kaleigh W 6 years ago

My Summer Experience

By: Kaleigh W

     I have done something that no one has ever thought anyone could do. When I tell people what happened, they just stare at me in disbelief. I ran my bike into a bridge. This is something that I never thought that I would do.

It was a nice summer afternoon and I went over to Hannah’s house. We talked about going to the pool but we decided not to. Hannah suggested that we go on a bike ride. We went outside and saw her neighbors outside on their bikes so we were headed over there. Turns out that wasn’t the best idea we could have done.

     Hannah and I walked outside to her garage and we got our bikes and we started off. We were just coming up to a bridge and I didn’t even think to slow down. I was going to fast and I went over the curb. I lost control of my handlebars and started to panic. I didn’t think that anything bad was necessarily going to happen because it’s a bridge.

     Hannah was a little ways behind me so she had no idea what was going on. When she finally caught up with me she saw that I already crashed into the bridge. We both started laughing for a little bit and then I realized that I have no idea how to get unstuck. Hannah just stood there and was laughing and had no idea what to do. It took us awhile to figure out a plan on what to do.

     I finally got off my bike and realized that I took a huge chunk of the bridge out. I was trying for a while to get it unstuck and I finally did. We started walking back to her house and one of her neighbors came out and asked if I was okay. I told her what happened and that I was okay. When we got to her house I called my parents and told them what happened. My mom thought that I was lying.

     While I was calling my mom and waiting outside, Hannah was downstairs telling her parents what happened. Since I was wearing long enough shorts I couldn’t see the mark on my leg. I rolled up my shorts a little bit and I starting freaking out. I walked inside and I showed them it and her step-dad called my parents and told them that they might want to hurry up.

     When they finally got there I showed them the mark. They ended up taking me to the emergency room to get stitches. We were in the emergency room for an hour or more. I had to get six stitches in my right leg. I also had a little scrape on my left leg and that hurt more than my right leg that needed stitches. The doctor told us that I couldn’t go swimming or get the stitches wet. That was right in the middle of swim-team to and I was really mad.

After a week of the accident I had to go back to the hospital to get them cut out. The stitches didn’t really do anything because it wasn’t closed all the way. The doctor gave me steri strips to help it close faster. There went another week of not being able to swim. That was the longest two weeks of my life.

     Two days after the accident I went back over to Hannah’s to go see the bridge. When I crashed into the bridge a chunk came out of it andHannah picked up the chunk and took it home with her. I had no idea what she was going to do with it. She said she was going to keep it and I wasn’t sure why exactly. In October, she ended taping it to a piece of paper and gave it to me for my birthday. To this day I still get jokes about this accident. 


Comments (23)

PiperS said

at 8:04 am on Apr 1, 2014

I liked how you told the from your point of view as it happened and how personal it was. I also liked the humorous aspects of it.

Katrina M said

at 8:15 am on Apr 1, 2014

I like how funny you made the story, also how you made the story very detailed.

Jace said

at 8:17 am on Apr 1, 2014

I like how you had the story in first person, and i liked the details of the story.

Cassie K said

at 8:22 am on Apr 1, 2014

Had a lot of ideas and details.

Ryan H said

at 8:23 am on Apr 1, 2014

You put in a nice work of your POV in this story. Good Job!

Marrah B. said

at 8:27 am on Apr 1, 2014

I really liked how you used a good sense of humor!

Jessica B said

at 8:35 am on Apr 1, 2014

I like how you gave your opinions and put it into your point of view.

Lily P said

at 9:07 am on Apr 1, 2014

I loved seeing this from your point of view, rather than you just telling me as a friend!

Colton L said

at 8:06 am on Apr 2, 2014

I liked that it had great details and was funny

Elreicha said

at 8:13 am on Apr 2, 2014

I liked your details through out the story.

Wyatt V. said

at 8:13 am on Apr 2, 2014

I like how you showed great details of the accident.

Allison L. said

at 11:54 am on Apr 2, 2014

I liked the humor in the story:D and how we could see it from your point of view

Kassi S. said

at 12:05 pm on Apr 2, 2014

Great Job! I liked the humor in the story and at the end how you got it for your birthday!

Elizabeth G said

at 8:02 am on Apr 3, 2014

I like how the story was funny, but yet the happenings were all really serious.

Kyle N said

at 8:12 am on Apr 3, 2014

I like how it was from your point of view.

Eddie B said

at 8:24 am on Apr 3, 2014

the details of the accident were like i was there

Andrew H. said

at 8:33 am on Apr 3, 2014

I could almost see the chunk of bridge out. Good job!

Jessica K. said

at 10:00 am on Apr 3, 2014

Kaleigh, this story is golden. Probably the funniest one I've read so far. That would have stunk to miss out on swim team though.

Alexis G. said

at 10:49 am on Apr 3, 2014

Great Job Kaleigh! I really liked it how you used a lot of details to tell us about what happened and i also like the order that you put them in!

Megan B said

at 12:31 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I love the details you put in, and thankfully left some out, anyways great job Kaleigh!

Hailey S said

at 12:34 pm on Apr 3, 2014

This story was hilarious. You used a lot of detail and I remember this day perfectly. Good Job!

AllisonB. said

at 1:54 pm on Apr 3, 2014

You told the story in steps and that made it organized and you also described the story well.

Marin E. said

at 2:03 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I like how this story was descriptive. You also added emotion to it to make it more interesting!

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