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Kaelan B

Page history last edited by Kaelan B. 7 years, 7 months ago

Mockingjay in the Point of View of Buttercup

Great, now I'm stuck in this stupid room, and no one is here. Not Prim, not her mom, and not that stupid girl (I've forgotten her name). After the explosions and the ground shaking everything was quiet. Now I'm waiting here in a ruined District 12 waiting for them to rescue me. I mean seriously I am a really important cat. I can't believe they just left me here. Oh well I'll just wait until they come around to saving me.

     It's been a whole month since the bombings, and I'm starting to worry that they will never come for me. I might as well go outside and see if there are any mice running around. Man this place is a wreck. Wait, what is that noise. Well it's about time they sent in their giant piece of mystical metal. Now there dropping someone in to save. Maybe it' there leader maybe it's enemy soldiers. I'll go see who they dropped down. Oh no it's her, it's that girl that lives in my house. I can't let her get me. I need to leave; where to though. I know the Victor Village where we used to live.

     Finally, I made it to this house; it's still here and actually is in good condition. Unlike the other buildings and dead people on the ground. I''' run in and wait until she leaves. Maybe she won't come in the house and just leave. Well, I was wrong because she just walked right into the house. I hissed at her, but she still tried to pick me up. Then, she said she would bring me to Prim.That caught my attention. Prim my favorite person. So I let her take me and hold me. Then can you guess what she did. She shoved me into a bag. I fought and hissed, and she just elbowed me. I realized it was worthless after a while and I had been captured. Well I'll just have to wait again.

     I've actually gotten used to this so called District 13. I always thought that this place got blown up or something like that. I don't know I only catch some of the words they say in their conversations. Anyway I was just going to eat some food when these sirens started beeping. I was freaking out; no one came to get me. Not Prim no one. I started to howl when finally she came. She scooped me up and told me not to worry. She had brought Gale with her(I think he's Katniss's boyfriend or something) and they started running down hallways and flights of stairs. Oh my God this is not what I was expected my day was going to be like. Now we are running around corners knocking people over. I think am going to throw up. I can't see anything were going to fast. These people are crazy. Why are we going down the stairs? What is that big metal thing? Why is it closing? Hurry up people were going to get crushed. I can see there are more people inside. Katniss is yelling at the people operating the metal, Gale is yelling at them to. Everyone is yelling; man people are stupid. Anyway, the metal thing stopped closing and is actually opening. We're going to make. I'm not going to die. Phew, we made it; that was really close. The metal slams behind us loudly and I nearly jumped out of Prim's arms. Lucky we got in because that piece of metal could have sliced me in half.

     I'm happy and all that we made it, but this place stinks like two week old deer meat. Anyway, at least there's food so I'm not complaining. We've been down here for about 3 days and it just gets worse and worse. Every couple hours there's this loud noise. I'm not sure what is, but it's kind of strange. A couple days ago Katniss decided it would be fun to torment with a terrible game of Crazy Cat. It's a game where she puts a light on the wall, and I can't stand not chasing it. This goes on for a while before she switches off the light and I can carry on with my life. The worst thing is that people come to watch and actually enjoy watching me try to get that light. It's so embarrassing, but I can't help it.     

Finally this morning we got out of this pit and we can go back to our compartment. I was so happy when left that place. This also means no more Crazy Cat so that's a plus. So now I'm just walking around our place. Sleeping then eating. Nothing really interesting is happening. So I think I'll just sleep some more.

     We went back to 12 today and it was still a mess, but the Victor Village is still there so that's were we are staying there for now. Also Prim is dead. I was shocked when she didn't come back and then I heard them talking about her dying. I was terribly sad. I couldn't believe that my favorite person is dead. I bet it was Katniss's fault I mean this isn't the first person. She also killed Finnick, Madge, Leeg 1 and 2, Boggs, Coin, Annie, those people in 8, Cinna, Messalla the list goes on and on. I think she's a terrible person, and guess what she lived through the whole fiasco! That is so dumb, she can't kill all those people and then live. That makes no sense. Anyway I think I've had enough excitement for one lifetime. Maybe I'll live as a regular house cat for a while, finally.

Comments (22)

Kayla K said

at 8:51 am on Dec 18, 2012

I like how it says that you forgot her name.

Matthew H. said

at 9:22 am on Dec 18, 2012

I like how it goes with a real book.

Amber B said

at 9:22 am on Dec 18, 2012

I like how you did it from a cats point of view instead of a humans. It's different and i like it.

Blain L. said

at 9:24 am on Dec 18, 2012

I like that we got to see form the cats point of view.

Hannah M said

at 9:26 am on Dec 18, 2012

I like how you wrote it from the cats point of view.

Alex H said

at 9:35 am on Dec 18, 2012

Like like how you were able to make a big story from the cats point of view.

Sawyer b said

at 9:42 am on Dec 18, 2012

It's interesting how you've made a cat's perspective of the story! Very good!

Brennan M said

at 9:44 am on Dec 18, 2012

The cat was very funny to look through and percieve as we went through the story. The cat was a great addition to the story

Joel H said

at 9:48 am on Dec 18, 2012

I like that it is from the cat's point of view

Jaden S said

at 9:54 am on Dec 18, 2012

I like how you wrote this from the Cat's point of view. It definitely makes you think in a different way other than a person's point of view!

Christina N said

at 9:56 am on Dec 18, 2012

I enjoyed that you recapped the story from their pets point of view. I also like how you made it so Buttercup can understand what the humans are saying so it knows more of what's going on.

Collin M said

at 8:28 am on Dec 19, 2012

I like that you like cats point of view

Lane B. said

at 8:29 am on Dec 19, 2012

I like how you made your sister a dog and told the story

Bstyve said

at 8:35 am on Dec 19, 2012

I really enjoyed the cats point of view it was very creative to think of this topic.

Chelsy H said

at 8:42 am on Dec 19, 2012

I like how you talked about you cats in your story

ivy k said

at 8:45 am on Dec 19, 2012

I like the words you used.

Oliver F said

at 8:47 am on Dec 19, 2012

I liked it because it was interesting.

Laura S. said

at 8:48 am on Dec 19, 2012

I like how you wrote it from the cat's point of view and I like how it fits with the actual story.

Alexis H said

at 9:03 am on Dec 19, 2012

i like how you forgotten her name

Madelyn M said

at 9:41 am on Dec 19, 2012

It was good! I like how it was long, and from the cats point of view. It was interesting.

Duncan W said

at 9:56 am on Dec 19, 2012

I like how you did it from the cats view!

Torie Y. said

at 1:47 pm on Dec 19, 2012

I like how you made it into a cats point of view.

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