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Presidential Kickoff

Page history last edited by Mrs. K. 7 years, 10 months ago

Students will choose a biography/autobiography book to read in celebration of our cross-curricular Presidential/Election themed unit.

As they read, we will journal using guided writing prompts,

do a mini lesson on reading strategies,

do a mini lesson with a teacher-read reading excerpt about a president to work on inferencing

create a project where students choose one passage to read aloud and record to share to make an Audio Presidential Catalog,

mini lesson on purpose, point of view, organization of text

research to find other sources online about their person (articles, pictures, videos, stories) and journal about the comparison/contrast

talk about arguments or claims about their person and decide what info is supported and what is not, journal about that

then use the gathered info to make a Cereal Box Report,

mini lesson on figurative language, denotation/connotation, and technical words

State a indentify which ICC standard(s) that are being addressed in the lesson/unit

Restate the standard AKA goal, objective, purpose in student friendly language

6th Grade Reading Goals for Informational Texts:


I can analyze writing using specific details from the piece.

I know what inference means.

I can make inferences about a writing piece based on the details.


I can find the main idea by looking at details.

I can summarize the text effectively.


I can explain how the main character and events are introduced.


I can understand the text using my reading comprehension strategies like: making connections, determining importance, questioning, visualizing, making inferences, and summarizing

I can read text silently and aloud at my grade level.


I know what figurative language is and can explain how/why it is used.

I know what connotative meaning is and how/why it is used.

I can recognize technical words and understand why they are used in a text.


I can explain how a specific sentence, paragraph or chapter fits into an overall text.


I can explain the author's purpose and point of view in a text.


I can gather information from different types of media and see how it all fits together.


I can look at arguments and claims in text and decide if they are supported by evidence or not.


I can compare and contrast one author's ideas with another author's ideas.


I can read and understand nonfiction text at my grade level.


Use at least one FA strategy in the lesson

guided writing prompts--to show understanding concepts

journaling--to reflect on reading

entrance/exit tickets--daily checks on mini lessons

bio poem--to put on cereal report

think/pair/share--reflect on mini lesson concepts

sos--when talking about arguments and support


Discuss the type of data collected

a lot of journaling that I will look through for key concept understanding

check for understanding via Edmodo "quiz" on mini lessons

audio file

cereal box report


Discuss how the data will be analyzed

did the student show progression toward and eventually mastery of standard


Discuss how the data will be used

     reteaching if needed, differentiated instruction, eventually show mastery of standard




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