Marrah B

The Big Leagues



     Whenever Aria thought about the future, she thought about playing basketball.  She knew it would be a long shot, but she had the determination and skills to make it to the big leagues.

     Bright and early, at 6:00 am, Aria went outside to go on her regular two-mile run. The wind blew through her hair while the sun beat on her skin. Her ear buds in, head down, and pace smooth, she could run forever. Of course the only thing on her mind was basketball. Flashbacks played in her head. She had made it to state with her high school team only four months ago, but they didn’t make it to the finals. They were losing by three points, and she had taken the last shot of the game… it rolled around the rim, and fell out. She pictured the crowd’s devastated faces. Aria suddenly ‘awoke’ from the daydream, and remembered what she was doing. She pulled her head up right as she saw another girl doing the same. Aria had never met her, and was somewhat intimidated by the sporty girl. She had to get to know her.

     The next day Aria did her same routine, and go figure; she met that girl on her run again. Aria turned around and started running beside the girl.

     “Hey,” said Aria “what’s your name?”

     The new girl responded, “Ally… I just moved downtown a few days ago.”

     “Ahh, interesting. I’m Aria,” Aria smiled. “If you’re into hoops, I’ll be at the recreation center later. You can join me!”

     “That would be great!” replied Ally enthusiastically.

     Aria thought maybe someday she and Ally could become friends. That is only if, Ally liked basketball as much as Aria did.

     Later that day, Aria showed up to the recreation center, and what do you know Ally was already there. Aria just stood there, observing. Ally had such a fluent shot. She was knocking down threes like it was the easiest thing in the world. Aria knew her own shot wasn’t even that incredible. Aria admired and respected that kind of dedication and talent.

     “Nice shot. Are you playing anywhere next year?”  Aria asked Ally.

     “Definitely! I got a scholarship to play at the University of Iowa,” replied Ally, “are you?”

     Unbelievable, thought Aria. She was so excited; she would finally have real competition.

     “Crazy, I am too!” Aria responded.  The two girls smiled. For the rest of the day the two athletes worked on their shot.

     As days passed by, Aria and Ally became great friends. They did everything together. From watching big games, to baking cookies, the two were inseparable. They were constantly working out, and shooting baskets. The ladies knew that someday, all of their time, effort, and practice would pay off.

     A few months flew by and Ally and Aria were moving into the same dorm at the University of Iowa. They had all their basketball posters hung up and their new basketball uniforms sitting on their desks. When they had everything settled in, they crashed in their beds.

     “So this is what it feels like to be in the big leagues, huh?” asked Ally.

     “This is only the beginning,” answered Aria.

The two basketball stars laughed and sighed in relief. They made it.