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Jaylee H

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CHAPTER 1           

     It was Thanksgiving Day when the Martin family went over to the Nelsons for dinner. They all really enjoyed each other’s company. Bob and Mary Martin and Glenn and Maggie Nelson have been best friends since high school. They all had each other’s backs and nothing ever went wrong between them.

Both the Martins and the Nelsons have two kids. The Martins have a seven-year-old girl, and so did the Nelsons. The Martins also have a 17-year-old boy while the Nelsons had a 16-year-old girl. Their children all get along like brothers and sisters.

     The two youngest girls, Jamie Martin and Elliana Nelson, were playing in Elliana’s room. The two teenagers, Jack Martin and Melissa Nelson, were sitting on the couch watching MTV. Soon enough, dinner was ready and everyone came down to eat.

     Elliana and Jamie sat around the small kids table while everyone else sat at the bigger adults table. They all gave thanks and started to eat. They were all talking, telling stories, and just having fun. When everyone was done eating their dinner, they had a few pies to eat. There was apple, pumpkin, and strawberry rhubarb.

     At the end of eating dessert, the sun was just starting to set, so Elliana and Jamie went outside to play before it got dark out.  Jack and Melissa were outside walking around and just watching the girls play, and made sure they didn’t go in the woods behind the Nelson’s house. They kept talking and soon forgot about the girls and went inside.


            When Jack and Melissa went inside, their parents asked where Elliana and Jamie were. They said they were outside and then went to get them. They were nowhere to be seen. Bob Martin and Glenn Nelson went to look in the woods, while Maggie and Mary went to look around the other streets. Jack and Melissa stayed at the Nelson’s just incase the girls came back.

            It was soon dark outside, and everyone went back to the house. Elliana and Jamie haven’t returned. Glenn called the police to have a search party arranged. Maggie and Mary could not believe their little girls had gotten kidnapped or ran away.

            The Martins went back to their house down the street and the Nelsons went to bed. It was about midnight and no one could sleep. Mary called Maggie and talked to her until it was 3:00 in the morning, Bob and Glenn went out looking for the girls, and Jack and Melissa were up texting all night.

            It was 7:00 in the morning when Bob got a call from the police. The police said that they would gather their searching team and get started right away at 10:00 a.m.  Bob then called Glenn and told him what was going on. They both got all dressed and were ready to go look for their daughters.


            It was 10 o’clock and the police came to the Martin’s house. Bob and Glenn left to go look for Elliana and Jamie. They first started in the woods. They entered from different ways and would end up in the middle.

            About 10 minutes into the search, Glenn found Elliana’s doll that she takes with her everywhere she goes. He stopped in his tracks and fell to the ground crying and screaming her name. Everyone came running towards him to see what had happened.

            When Bob saw what Glenn had found, he had a really bad feeling and then he was torn. They both broke down and could not handle it, so they went home and the search team quit looking, and just went back to the police station.

            When they got back, Maggie and Mary were waiting for them to come home. Since Glenn and Bob came back so early, they thought they found the girls…but they didn’t. Glenn gave Maggie the doll and then Maggie just cried and cried, she wouldn’t stop. Mary went straight home to see if Bob had seen anything of Jamie’s.

            When Mary got home, she saw Bob sitting on the couch staring at a picture of Jamie.             She went up to him, hugged him, and said that they will find them no matter what. Bob just went to bed, and wouldn’t get out of bed. Mary was a really strong person and was willing to do anything to find her daughter.

            Mary noticed that Jack wasn’t home, she called Maggie to see if Melissa was home, and she wasn’t. She called Jack to see where he was, and he answered and told her that he and Melissa left. He didn’t say exactly where, but he said they were safe and they were looking for Elliana and Jamie.  


     It was now day 2 of the search. No sign of them anywhere, except for Elliana’s doll that was found in the woods. The search team went back out to the woods. Maggie stayed in her bed and let Glenn leave to go grocery shopping. Mary went on a long jog to release all of the stress she was under.

     When Mary was jogging, she heard a loud scream. She noticed that the scream was coming from the woods on the other side of where Glenn found the doll. She ran into the woods and was yelling the girls’ names.

     Suddenly, she stopped running. She saw two small figures sitting by a tree. She heard one of them scream, “mommy!” She quickly sprinted over to them, and saw Elliana and Jamie. She hugged both of them, and had tears in her eyes.

     Mary was soooo happy to see them both. She took them back to her house and called the Nelsons. She told them to come over to her house, because she has some news. She took both of them upstairs to show Bob, and he could not believe it! He just stared at them for a while and then after about 3 minutes of staring, he jumped up and squeezed them. They all went back downstairs to wait for Glenn and Maggie.

     When Glenn and Maggie got to Mary’s house, they expected to hear really bad news, but instead they got the opposite. When they entered the house, Elliana ran over to her parents, and jumped all over them. They were in tears of joy and happiness to finally see their little girl again.


     Mary called Jack to see where he was. He said he was at the park with Melissa looking for the girls. She told him, “Come home right now, someone wants to see you.” He listened to his mother and came home right away with Melissa.

     When they got there, they saw Elliana and Jamie. They were so excited that they found them. Jack hugged Jamie, and wouldn’t let go. Melissa was kneeled down to Elliana’s height and kissed her forehead.

     Melissa asked why they went into the woods… and Elliana said, “Well, we saw a bunny and followed it into the woods. We wanted to pet the bunny and keep it for ourselves. But it just kept running away. Jamie said we should stay the night, incase it came back. But it never did!”

     Melissa exclaimed, “you never do anything like that again, you hear me? You come and get an adult to go with you. Never go anywhere by yourself again. We thought you got kidnapped by a stranger!”

     The girls listened to her and said they were sorry, and would never do it again. They learned their lesson, and was just happy to be back home. They all got in a circle and hugged each other all at once. They were so blessed to have their little girls back. 





Comments (20)

Sierra G. said

at 12:45 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I like how you add chapters in this story. The details of how Glenn and Ellina runaway,and then came back.

Kassi S. said

at 11:50 am on Apr 2, 2014

I liked the voice and how you made me wonder what was going to happen next.

Anna T said

at 11:52 am on Apr 2, 2014

I like how you made it a mystery and how you described how they were feeling.

Macy H said

at 11:55 am on Apr 2, 2014

I really liked this story because it made me want to keep reading to see what would happen next.

Bryce s said

at 11:57 am on Apr 2, 2014

I like how you kept me on the edge of my seat

Lauren E said

at 12:00 pm on Apr 2, 2014

I like this a lot. You had a strong voice through it, and it was good to keep us guessing!

Allison L. said

at 12:06 pm on Apr 2, 2014

I liked how you used chapters and how you felt like you were there.

Megan B said

at 12:07 pm on Apr 2, 2014

I liked how you made it into something that happens in real life, and then ended it happily.

Dillon L said

at 12:09 pm on Apr 2, 2014

Your voice was very good made me feel like i was right there and makes me want to keep reading.

NathanC said

at 12:10 pm on Apr 2, 2014

I liked your voice and your details they were good.

Lily P said

at 9:01 am on Apr 3, 2014

I liked how you really built your story up to the climax.

William M said

at 11:01 am on Apr 3, 2014

I liked how you used characters names from the walking dead.

Kariann E said

at 12:15 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I like how you kept us wondering what was going to happen next and you ended the story with a happy ending.

Taylor O said

at 12:15 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I liked how you had a serious topic that had a good outcome. Great Job I liked the story!

Hailey S said

at 12:21 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I really liked how it kept you in suspense wondering if they would find them. Good Story!

Brandon B said

at 12:24 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Great story, i really enjoyed the suspense and you had amazing details

Claire H. said

at 12:25 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I like the details you used, it made me want to keep reading.

Zach F said

at 12:27 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I liked it how you used chapters in the story, nice job

Jenna B. said

at 12:33 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Good details and it kept you wondering if they wood find the girls.

Joe B. said

at 12:34 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Very exciting! I liked how you used chapters. Not many others did that.

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