Kade C

All My Football Seasons


            Football is my favorite sport by far. It’s the only sport that I think is actually fun in my opinion. In football you can do basically anything like tackle someone, run over people, but you always have to know the plays on both offense and defense. The main people that have to know all the plays are the quarterbacks and running backs. The linemen are the ones that block for the running backs and the quarterback or whoever has the ball.

            I have played football for four years now. Two years in youth football and two years in junior high. My first year of football in fifth grade I didn’t do that well. I played fullback and I just wasn’t that fast then, so i'd always get tackled. Our first year of youth football, we tied one game and lost the rest. When I got into sixth grade I got a lot better at football. I played fullback again and i'd always get the ball and run for as much yards as I could before I maybe would get tackled. Sometimes I would get away from everyone else and run for a touchdown. I made eight touchdowns that year and my longest was only like fifty or sixty yards. Our recorded was one win, one tie, and four loses. We didn’t do that good that year either. We could have tied one more game, but we didn’t because the team we were playing at the time scored a touchdown in the last few seconds of the game. At the time that game was the best game we have played so far.

            When I got into junior high, football became more fun. The only thing I hated was scrimmaging against the eighth grade team. They were a lot bigger and faster than us, or some of them were. My seventh grade football season was kind of a learning experience in a way because we were changing into an eight-player football team. Were there was eight players on each team out on the field at once. The field was only eighty yards and the plays were more complicated on offense. On defense the plays where easy to remember. I was the one that called the plays on defense in seventh grade. I didn’t do well at fullback running the ball, but on defense I made a lot of tackles that year. In seventh grade I played linebacker on defense. Since it was our first year of eight-man football we didn’t do that good.  We tied one game and lost the rest. I scored only one touchdown that year, but made lots of tackles.

            This past football season was the best season yet. It was an amazing year of football for the eighth grade team. This past football season was one of my best years of football. I didn’t really play much defense, but I played a lot of offense. I played cornerback on defense and tailback on offense. When I did play defense though I only made three tackles the whole season. I did way better on offense than defense. I got the ball a lot as tailback and so did our fullback. I made six touchdowns this past season as tailback and I made a ninety-five yard touchdown, with some fifty and sixty yard touchdowns. I had them long touchdowns this past season because we had an amazing line that blocked for me and I was fast enough to get away. On offense I personally think the fullback and I, as tailback did the best. We were the ones that scored touchdowns the most. We did have lots of help from our line though because they were the ones that blocked for us. Well anyway, we did real well this past football season. We ended the season with a winning record. We won three games, tied one, and lost two.

            Football will always be my favorite sport and I will always remember my eighth grade year of football. Since it was my best season I have ever had. All together I have a total of fifteen touchdowns. I like scoring a touchdown because it always puts a smile on my face. Most people like defense better than offense, but since I’m tailback and I get to carry the ball and run for touchdowns. I like offense a lot better. Also I’m way better on offense than defense because I’m not very good at tackling people. Next football season I will be in high school, so I hope we do even better. I want to win all our games one of my high school football seasons. That would be amazing and I would never forget that. I think we can do it, if all the football players do there best and work hard out on the field. We could go undefeated and win it all for a season or more. Next football season is coming up really fast. I can’t wait till high school football because it’s going to be a great time!