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William M

Page history last edited by William M 6 years, 9 months ago


By: William M


            Have you ever heard stories, or legends of heroes and monsters? Well I’m here to tell you that they are all true. There are several shards, or dimensions in the world where things are corrupted. Places where your worst nightmares come true.

            A long time ago, I was a miner during the California gold rush of  ‘49. I was one of the best miners there ever was. My family of four was wealthy and prosperous until the day when my whole world fell apart, and wealth meant nothing.

            It started May 4, 1849 when I was mining and found a faint shimmering under the moist gravel, and rock deposit. I thought that it was someone’s lantern buried under the rock.  I took my shovel, and started to uncover the strange shimmering light. My eyes couldn’t believe what they saw. It was a stone of green, glassy texture over a flaming red gas moving around on the inside.

        The stone was like nothing I had ever seen. It was the most beautiful gem I had ever found in the mines. I took it to the geologist at the dig, and he had no idea what it was either. He examined it for days; the report he gave me said that there was a carving written in a very old text. The glyphs were not known to any living man. It was told to be a similar text to the Greek characters.

        My ancient stone was puzzling to many as the word got out. People all over the world had their own theories and philosophies about the stone, and how it came to be. I heard many people talking about men from outer space.

        One night a scientist came to my door and asked me if he could examine it. I had no problem with it, but I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t a crook that wanted to steal it. I had him write all of his information on a two-day contract that I made for him to examine.

        When he came back he told me that he thought it was older than the earth. He said that it had to have come from a spacecraft, or other intelligent life unknown to man itself. Of course his theory was inaccurate, because at this time we had no way to find exactly how old something was. Carbon dating would be invented one hundred years later.

        He said that in his lab he had a chemical accident with one of his other experiments, and his room started to fog up. Then he stumbled in blindness, and knocked the stone off of its hoisted stand. The stone had fallen on the ground, and cracked. The scientist told me of the gasses in the stone escaping, and fleeing into the air and mixing with the fumes in the room.

        The fumes became blazing red, and then they started to spiral fiercely. They started to form into a twister’s shape, hovering over the cracked stone. Then the stone started to shake, like the ground in an earthquake. The twister started to spin more fiercely. It began to calm eventually, the scientist said that the stone sucked up all of the fumes, and the crack was mysteriously sealed.

        I thought that this scientist became a mad one. What he was telling me I could not compute in my head.  I looked back at the markings, and they had changed! It said the one who wields can open doors of many.

        The stones markings somehow changed to English writing. I took it home, and showed it to my wife and kids. My mind was trying to learn what it meant, think about the puzzling phrase.

     As I slept that night, I had a horrid nightmare. One of everything I owned just faded away. I watched as my whole family was fading away, like shadows in the night. Drifting as one falls asleep. I heard them scream in fright, and then everything went silent. As I was listening for a sound, a white room appeared from the shadows of space. It was surrounded by an evil darkness. I looked down at my hands, and the stone was in my palm. The words on it started to glow, and the stone started to make a humming sound. It kept getting brighter, and louder, and then it exploded in light.

     I woke up screaming, and panting. Wondering what happened. I looked at my palm again, and the stone was resting there. My mouth was dry, and had the taste of sand in my mouth. As I stared to examine what was around me, the walls of my room dropped. There were winds howling and hurling sand around. I was in a dessert wasteland.

     I remembered what I learned about the dessert.  When I was in school the teacher told about how in sand storms the winds were so fast that the sand could burrow under your skin, and rip it clean off your bones. There was hardly ever rain, but there were supposedly water deposits under ground that ware safe to drink.

     All I thought at the moment was a way to survive, I didn’t care if it was a dream or not. But it was so real; I had all five of my senses in action. It had to be real; there was no possible way that something that felt so real could be a dream.

I wandered the vast sands for hours, listing to the howling winds. It felt like I had been walking for days. The soles of my feet started to harden, dry, and chafe. I found no signs of life, except strange noises of hisses and shaking rattles. My father once told me about the Diamond Head rattlers that lived in the desserts. They are toxic, quick, and filled with stamina.

     As I was walking, the sands put me into a hypnosis train of thought. I just kept walking straight and no longer thought of anything, all until I fell into a large gaping hole. Under the single layer of sand that I had been walking on, there must have been an air pocket. These types of air pockets I had seen before, they would take out houses, and sometimes whole towns!

Water was flowing like a stream down in the pit, it had been a water flow from under ground that had caused the air to escape, and the ground collapse underneath me. Finally I had some fresh water to drink, and a temporary place to stay.


Comments (19)

Alexis G. said

at 11:01 am on Apr 1, 2014

I like it how i can picture what is going on in my mind and i also like it how you used a lot of descriptions and how you made it feel as if it was coming to life. I really liked your descriptive words and also your details were really good too!

Croy S. said

at 11:03 am on Apr 1, 2014

I all the mysterious action and excitement. Also I liked the theme of the story. Good Job.

Rachel D said

at 11:05 am on Apr 1, 2014

Good story! You stayed on subject and it was very intense.

Bradley N said

at 11:07 am on Apr 1, 2014

I liked how you stayed on topic and didn't wonder off.

Tommy R. said

at 11:10 am on Apr 1, 2014

I like the rhetorical questions and definitions. I kept me "hooked".

Tatum K said

at 11:13 am on Apr 1, 2014

I like how you described everything with lots of detail. It made me want to know what else was going to happen.

Kayla K. said

at 11:19 am on Apr 1, 2014

I like how you have lots of details and I like how your story gave me a good picture

Morgan E. said

at 10:48 am on Apr 2, 2014

really good details and I can't wait to read the second part

Jayde B. said

at 10:51 am on Apr 2, 2014

I the the excitement and the way you wrote it in book form so you could still go on forever!

Anthony F. said

at 10:55 am on Apr 2, 2014

At first i didnt understand the title but as i read it i understood.

Grace K. said

at 11:00 am on Apr 2, 2014

I like how you wrote in first person like it was you dong this

Carter H said

at 11:03 am on Apr 2, 2014

The details really form a specific picture in your head. Good job.

Jordan B said

at 11:09 am on Apr 2, 2014

I was interested th whole way through and couldve kept reading

Andrea D said

at 11:11 am on Apr 2, 2014

You kept me intersted the whole time because I wanted to know what happened next.

PiperS said

at 8:51 am on Apr 3, 2014

You used a lot of details, I liked how you incorporated supernatural elements and you could really feel the main character's despair.

Lily P said

at 8:58 am on Apr 3, 2014

Nice. Suspenseful and intriguing!

Allie W said

at 10:50 am on Apr 3, 2014

Really good story! I liked how you mixed mythology and reality together.

Garrett L said

at 10:50 am on Apr 3, 2014

You had a great beginning and it kept me interested.

Jenna O said

at 11:00 am on Apr 3, 2014

Great job William! Good details, made the story interesting.

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