Jordan E



The Day the World Surrendered to World War Three


     It was a warm and sunny morning when the bombs went off completely devastating North America. They vaporized every thing within a square mile of the detonation zone, and everything else within a 25 mile radius was on fire and burned to the ground.

     My name is Max Collins and I am one of the survivors of “The Third World War”. I remember hearing things on the news about the war and how cities around the world were completely leveled from other bombs but I never though that America was in danger, America is the strongest country in the world, and my father was was one of the highest ranking official in the Navy, but I was wrong, and in a matter of fact every one was wrong up until it was to late.

     August 10th, 2027 was the last day I would wake up in a world that was so familiar, so normal, were we never had to worry about the constant threat of enemy soldiers or if another bomb is going to go off, because that is how the survivors of today have to live. On that day I woke up in my house on the edge of Lake Erie like I did every morning. I remember smelling the bacon the my mother Susan was frying on the stove like she did every other day. My father Trevor was was working out back cleaning the pool. The sun was shining through the window disguised behind the large maple trees in the on the edge of the water. The breeze was flowing through the open window and I could smell the freshly cut grass from the neighbor next door. I looked around the room before slowly getting up to go to the kitchen to eat breakfast, and just as my foot stepped through the door way and I was about of finish saying good morning, all the windows in the house shattered, and at that moment everything went black. The next thing I remembered was waking up on the floor in the hall way covered in blood with shards of glass sticking into my back. The force through me through the air and I smashed into the wall on the opposite side of the hall way. As I lie there I could see grey ash falling through the large skylight in the middle of the living room. I slowly climbed to my feet, there was no pain despite the fact my back was covered in glass. I stumbled down the hall way to the stairs, where I froze as my eyes filled with tears and as a overwhelmingly cold feeling came over me to the sight of my mother laying on the floor, her hair was singed and she had so much blood on her I could not even tell where she was bleeding from. The same force that shattered the windows also caused the gas stove to explode instantly killing my mother, and has now caused half of the house to burn. I dropped to my knees in panic and horror that I will never see my mother again. I felt a hand on my back and under my arm pull me up to my feet. It was my father, he had blood coming from his ear and nose from the impact of hitting the concrete deck out by the pool. His lips were moving but I heard nothing, I was probably still in shock from the sight of my mother. I just stared into eyes as he pulled my arm as we started running to my parents room were he dug out a first aid kit. 

     Thats all I remember before passing out again. I woke up outside in the yard laying on grass that was now covered in ash. My father was no-where in sight and I didn’t think anything of it at that point, but then I remembered my mother and that same ice cold feeling came back to me. I hurried to my feet but when I got up my head was throbbing, and just then, I saw the full extent of the devastation the bombs caused. As far as I could see all the trees were laying in the same direction flat on the ground. About one out of ten houses were on fire including mine, now reduced to rubble. I ran over to the house, nothing was left, just rubble and ash. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my father sitting in the sand now covered in a grey powder. I ran over to him in relief, but it was not him, he had a cold emotionless face, I asked him what to do. He just looked at me and said, “we need to leave now”, as if he knew something terrible was about to happen. He just slowly got up, took my hand and started walking towered the road. I told him we cant leave mom, but he just kept walking. I heard a low grumble getting louder and louder. We just stood there and saw a tank with other military trucks following it. The trucks and tanks started to pass, as a few troops that followed behind told us to head as far north as possible. I ran after one of them and asked in panic what had happened and he said, “America is completely destroyed”. I could not believe what I was hearing, “Why”! “Every city in America has been destroyed with a nuclear bomb including Chicago. “We have to go now!” The North Koreans will be here soon!”