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Callie L

Page history last edited by Callie L. 6 years, 7 months ago

The Last Game

By: Callie L


     I had waited for this day my whole life. The scouts were sitting in the bleachers. I could see my parents a couple seats up from them. This was a big game! My team, the Waterville Sharks, was playing our rivals, the Oceanview Dolphins. Everything was riding on this game: my scholarship, our back-to-back state champion title, and the rest of my teammates’ volleyball futures.

     As we stood in our pre-game huddle, Coach Gerund motivated us for the games; she told us to relax and have fun, but I could tell by our faces that we weren’t there to have fun; we were there to win. Ashley, the team captain and also our only setter, put her arm in the air. The rest of us did as well.

     “OK guys, time to focus,” she said, trying to fire us up, “This game is ours to win. We cannot give up. You must fight until the end!” Maria counted us down and we were off. I started in left front. I knew that we had to win three out of five games, but my only focus was on winning this first one. Marla, our other left, was focused on making her serve over. I could see the determination in her eyes. She tossed the ball up and smacked it across the net, and the game began. The intensity was there the entire game from both the teams. Neither of us wanted to lose.

     By the time the fifth game was starting, we were tied. The team to come out on top took it all. We had the first serve, and this time I was up first. I wasn’t the most confident server, so this was a big deal. I took a deep breath and block out all the noise. I tossed up the ball and served. I managed to make it over! The Dolphins easily returned it by having the left spike it right towards me. I passed it to Ashley, who set it to Marla, and we got a kill!

As I went back to serve I saw the scouts’ faces out of the corner of my eye. They looked pleased! I manage to relax a little, which helped me to get my serve over again. The game continued and before I knew it the score was 19-20, and the Sharks were ahead. If we scored one more point, this game was ours to win. We could bring home the trophy, and in the first time in Waterville High School history, be back-to-back state champions! The Dolphins called a time-out, so I hustled over to the sideline.

     “OK, now it’s time to bring it,” Coach started to say, “Don’t think about the score or if we might win or lose. Focus on going out there and playing your best. Seniors, concentrate on showing the college scouts your talents. All we have to do is get this point. I know we can do it! Are you ready?”

     “YES!” we all said in unison.

     “So get out there and show them what we're made of,” she replied, “Now, put your hands up! Count us down, Maria!”

     “Sharks on three.”

     “ONE, TWO, THREE…SHARKS!” we shouted.

     As I returned to the court, all that was on my mind was what I had to execute in order to help my team to a victory. I was in front row, so if I could get a kill, we would win this game, and the scouts would definitely notice me! Kat was preparing to serve. She was our best server, so none of us were worried about that. What we were worried about was making a mistake and costing our team the victory. I knew I had to shake that because the more nervous, the worse.

     The Dolphins passed the serve up to their setter. Then, the setter set it to their middle. She was their best hitter. Thankfully, our back row was ready and got the pass up to Ashley. Ashley set it to Carly, who spiked hard. However, they got the dig right back up to the setter.

What happened next nobody was prepared for. Nobody even thought that one of the best setters in our conference would tip a perfect pass–nobody, however, but me. I sensed it; I don’t know how, but I did. She saw the huge hole and she took advantage of it. The hole was on the other side of the court, so I had to sprint as fast as I could. I could tell that I was going to be late, so I dove. I got there just in time to get the pass up to Ashley, but that’s the last thing I remember. I blacked out as my head hit the floor.

     The next morning I awoke with a piercing headache. I was in an unfamiliar room. As I started sitting up in my bed, I saw my mother walk in the room.

     “How are you feeling?” she asked me.

     “Fine,” I replied. It wasn’t true, however. I felt like I could vomit at any minute, “Where am I? What happened? I can’t remember anything!” My mother informed me that we won the game right after my dig. Carly had a kill, and the game was over. I was so proud of my team and their hard work!

     “But there’s one more thing,” my mother added. She looked pale and worried.

     “What is it?” I asked anxiously.

     “You’re at the Waterville Hospital. When you dove, you hit your head on the ground and got a severe concussion. The doctors said…” she paused. I could see the tears in her eyes.

     “What?” My voiced trembled. I was nervous for the news.

     “They predicted that you’ll never be able to play volleyball again or any other sport.” I couldn’t keep it in. I started bawling. Volleyball was my life! I was supposed to get a scholarship and then go on to become a professional! What was I supposed to do now?

     “The whole team is here to see you–when you’re ready, of course,” my mother informed me. I was still shaken, yet nothing cheered me up better than my teammates. When they walked in the room, I was so happy to see them all. At that moment I knew it didn’t matter if that game was my last. In fact, I was sort of happy! I got to play with my best friends, and I get to call myself a state champion two years in a row. It’s going to be tough getting used to not playing volleyball everyday, but for some reason, when I was sitting there, looking at my teammates walking through the door still dressed in their jerseys, I knew I’d be fine!


Comments (19)

Marrah B. said

at 8:06 am on Apr 1, 2014

I liked how you made the ending very unpredictable! I thought they would just win and freak out, but you threw a hug twist in there.

PiperS said

at 8:16 am on Apr 1, 2014

I really liked that the ending wasn't all "hurrah hurray we won the game" it was very surprising how the injury affected her and how dramatic the whole story was.

Joshua said

at 8:30 am on Apr 1, 2014

I liked the ending a lot. Good job in describing on how the game went.

Jace said

at 8:36 am on Apr 1, 2014

I felt like I was there watching the game as it was being played. I also like the ending to your story.

Kaleigh W said

at 7:50 am on Apr 2, 2014

I loved the ending because it felt like I was there watching.

Andrew H. said

at 8:03 am on Apr 2, 2014

I liked how it you described how you felt in the hospital. Good Job.

Elizabeth G said

at 8:15 am on Apr 2, 2014

I really enjoyed how it was really looking up for your team until the last minute and the drastic change of events.

Ryan H said

at 8:17 am on Apr 2, 2014

Perfect! Well Done Callie!

Kyle N said

at 8:06 am on Apr 3, 2014

I really like the ending.

Jessica K. said

at 8:09 am on Apr 3, 2014

Callie, I love this story and it being about giving up something you dearly love doing, but in the end it will be alright.

Brandi D said

at 8:11 am on Apr 3, 2014

I really like how you told how the game went by, play by play. I like how you make the reader wonder at the end if she will ever try to play again, great job!

Wyatt V. said

at 8:15 am on Apr 3, 2014

I really like how the ending was so unpredictable. Really want to read more

Katrina M said

at 8:23 am on Apr 3, 2014

You really caught me off guard by that ending, I wasn't expecting that, but I did like how it ended. Even though she knew she couldn't play volleyball anymore, she was still really happy to be able to call herself a state champion for two years in a row.

Marin E. said

at 8:30 am on Apr 3, 2014

I like your entire story, especially the end. The end of the story adds a lot of emotion which adds drama.

Eddie B said

at 8:34 am on Apr 3, 2014

the ending was so unimaginable, great story

Justin K. said

at 8:34 am on Apr 3, 2014

The ending was very depressing

Lily P said

at 8:50 am on Apr 3, 2014

Nice twist to the very end.

Alexis G. said

at 11:08 am on Apr 3, 2014

Nice Ending and I liked all the details and Voice Nice Job Callie! :)

Cassie K said

at 4:11 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Nice job Callie. I liked all the detail and voice.

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