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Danny W

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on April 1, 2014 at 9:12:54 am

The Life of a Broken Plate

If I was a broken plate I would feel bad. I got thrown on the ground and I was shattered. It did not feel good it was like a nightmare that never ended and the only way that I could be in peace is if I was in pieces and that’s what had happened somebody was just not having a good day and I just got shattered. My life flashed before my eyes and to be honest it was kind of scary. Seriously if you were a plate like I am and you got smashed into like a million pieces how would you feel. You would probably feel terrible because somebody just decided one day that you weren’t good enough for them and then they tried to kill you. Now super glue is my best friend and it hardly holds me together. I will never be full again, I will be in pieces and no one will ever use me they will just throw me in the garbage and I will have nowhere else to go because I don’t have legs I’m a plate I don’t even have a brain but I guess that’s more reason to break me. 

The Life of an Empty Glass

Hello I'm an empty glass. My life is not full it is terrible and empty and it is bad. People dont use me anymore because I'm ugly. I'm an ugly glass and there is nothing that anybody can do about it. People just pass me by they dont even say hello. Like the other day this guy frank he just thinks that he can win against me in a staring contest and before we start he just says out of nowhere ha ha I win. I mean does that sound like he won because im pretty sure in the rule book it says that you cannot win before the game has started. But he just walked away and I couldn't do anything about it because I can't talk. My life as an empty glass is lonely. Maybe if I found that old hag that turned me into this dreadful obstruction I could be turned back into a dragon but I guess that wont happen. I'm just going to sit in a cupboard for centuries and centuries, decades and decades. But that doesn't matter me and all of my friends will get revenge some day and on that day the world will worship glasses like me and they will poor stuff into me like milk and orange juice but that day is not today. Today we will remain a stronge nation of glasses.

The Journey of a Rusted Spoon


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