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Danny W

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One morning in a lab an experiment went terribly wrong. They were trying to make a cure for a disease but it did not do what they expected it would do. They thought that it would go into the body and clean the cells but it did the opposite it made it worse until they had to kill the person that they tested it on. They put the body in lockdown so no one could touch it. And then the next day they had thought that they had destroyed the body but it was now in a mutated form. They were confused for what had happened so they started running tests on the body and they found that the body was still alive but it was a zombie person thing. And then the next day when they went to the lab it was torn apart and it had been wrecked everything on the floor and then they went to see what had happened to the body but it was gone. And then they were scared that they had let a living zombie go out into the open.

A kid named jack was doing the usual going to school. When he heard on the radio that a zombie had gotten loose in the wildernesss and that they were trying to find it. So a few days went by and then there were disapearenses of people that went hiking and never came back. Then one day jack saw someone hunched over limping and he went over to see what was the matter and then he saw the face it was a zombie. He turned around and saw more and more and then he tried to get inside his house and he got there but they were all coming quickly so he locked the door and then called the lab that had broadcasted on the radio and they told him that he should run because they were going to nuke that whole area. So then know the zombies olmost had the door broke down when he broke a window and got into a car and drove over a few of them but they were after him. 



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