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Anna T

Page history last edited by Anna T 6 years, 5 months ago

Cobras' Time


            Here we are, the Cobras! All of the sudden it shocked me. I was playing in a volleyball game. If we win this game, we will play in the finals against Dike-New Hartford, one of the best teams. The score was 19-18, against the Waterloo Sailors. We play until 21, and you have to win by 2.

            The serve came over; it was in my direction, and it was coming really fast and low. I dove for the ball. It flew off to the right and hit one of the Sailor’s parents. They got the point. I shook that point off, and now the score was 20-18, and the volleyball was coming back over and again at me with great speed. I got low and straightened my arms. It hit my arms with so much power! The ball flew straight to our setter Jamie. Jamie tipped the ball over. The Sailors bumped the ball to their setter, and their setter set it out to the left hitter, she jumped with great might, and hit the ball right at our left back McKenna. McKenna bumped the ball to the middle of the court, and Jamie ran over and set it to our left hitter, Mallory. Mallory did her left, right, left and hit the ball over the net. The ball was hit so hard that the Sailors missed, and we all yelled chick-chick-boom, which is our ace and kill cheer. The Sailors were at 20 and we were at 20.

It was Chelsey’s serve; Chelsey is one of our really athletic middles. She stepped to the line to serve and served it over with lots of power. It had great topspin on it! Chelsey’s serve went to the middle of the court. One of the Sailor’s players had to dive for it, and it came back over to our right side, Allie. She bumped the ball perfectly to the setters box. Jamie quickly set the ball to me. I did my left, right, left footwork, jumped in the air, and hit that ball so hard it hurt my hand! The volleyball started going towards the right side on the back of the court. It barely was in; it was on the line.“Chick-chick-boom,” we all started cheering and yelling.

Everyone was congratulating me. It all came down to this. The score was 20-21, and we were ahead. Chelsey stepped back, grabbed the ball, and served. It was an amazing serve! It had topspin and it was short. The Sailors completely missed the ball! The whole team, even the parents yelled, “Chick-chick-boom.”

         The next weekend, it was the championship against Dike-New Hartford. The whole Cobra’s team practiced too much and hard that we slept all day the day before the tournament. This has been my 3rd year of Fayette County Volleyball, and being a Cobra. I started in 8th grade, and I was now a sophomore. I had come along way. We all had. I woke up in the middle of the night too excited for the tournament that I could not fall asleep, but when I finally did, it felt like I fell asleep for ten minutes because it was already 5:30! I had to be in Des Moines, where the tournament was, at 9:00. I hustled around so fast I almost forgot my kneepads. I grabbed them and was on my way. I had to pick up my neighbor and left hitter, Mallory, so we could ride together. Our parents were going to meet us there since we didn’t play until 12:00, but we had to be there early.

        When Mallory and I got there, there were already a lot of people there! Our team had set up camp behind some lunch tables in a hallway, so we met them there. We had a long time until we played, and it was only nine, so we had three hours to practice.

Before we knew it, it was already 12:00. Parents were out there, there were many cameras, and Dike-New Hartford was standing and looking all nasty and mean.  The person in charge came over to us and told us that we needed to report to the court to practice our serves. The Cobras' serves were looking good, but Dikes were looking a little better! I could already tell this game was going to be a fight, and we could win.

The game was starting; we served first, that meant Allie was preparing to serve. The down ref checked our numbers and positions to see if they were correct, and they were, so my whole team joined up in the middle of the court for our beginning cheer. It was a cheer we made in 8th grade, and it was now a tradition. All we did was clap hands in a circle and yell, and finally, we said, “Cobras on three, one, two, three, COBRAS!” Allie went back grabbed the ball and served the ball over. It was a good and fast serve, but high so Dike had time to react. The pass was perfect to the setter and she set it right to their left hitter. The hitter hit it so hard when it hit my arms I fell on the ground. I quickly got back up, and it so happened that it ended up being a pretty good pass. Jamie set it to Chelsey, and she hopped up and slammed the ball down. Dike received it like it was nothing. They passed it to the setter and again went to their left. She hit it at McKenna, who passed the ball perfectly to Jamie, but Jamie tried to trick them and tipped it into to net. They had scored.

           It was now a tied game at 23. It was also Dike’s serve, and their best server was serving. She did her jump serve and it had a lot of topspin. It went to Chelsey. The serve was so difficult and short Chelsey had to dive for the ball, and it when straightforward, under the net. Now the game was 24-23, it went to 25 and you had to win by 2. The server went back again and served it with topspin again. The volleyball fell to the ground right between Chelsey and Allie. Dike had won. We headed to shake hands, and than the refs called out, “We reviewed what happened and Dike stepped over the line on her serve, therefore it’s the Cobras serve and the game is 24-24. We all screamed and cheered. Mckenna got to serve now. She stepped back all eyes on her and she jumped served. The ball went to the very back of the court, and Dike did not touch it, but the ball was on the line, “Chick-chick boom.” 24-25, Mckenna went back to serve again. The pressure was on! She stepped back, jump served, and the volleyball went over and Dike got it. Dikes back row passer got it to the setter and she tipped it over. Mallory quickly dived for the ball and the pass went to Chelsey in back row. Chelsey set the ball, even though she is not setter. The volleyball came to me, and I knew this had to be good! I did my left, right, left and jumped. Again, I hit the ball so hard it hurt my hand. When I hit it, it looked like it was going to be out, so Dike did not go for it. The ball landed. The line judge called it in! Chick-chick boom! The whole team, and Cobra parents started screaming and cheering! We shook hands with Dike, they all were so disappointed, it was a greatest feeling to have beaten them.


Comments (17)

Claire H. said

at 12:26 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I like how you used capital letters and quotations to bring out the feeling in the story.

Bryce s said

at 12:30 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I like the ending it somes everything up.

Dillon L said

at 12:30 pm on Apr 1, 2014

Very interesting good topic and and the last game what a way to end it and i liked your voice was so excited it made me feel like i was right there

Hailey S said

at 12:32 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I like how you had a lot of details and you were specific. It made it seem like I was there.

Allison L. said

at 12:33 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I liked your voice and how you could actually see what was happening on the court.

Megan B said

at 12:34 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I like how it makes you feel like you watched the game or were watching it.

Casey P said

at 12:35 pm on Apr 1, 2014

I like the excitment in the game and the intensity of the scores. Also I like the use of details and the ending was pretty good as well.

Lauren E said

at 12:35 pm on Apr 1, 2014

Cobra's is a good topic.(: I'm glad you picked it, we always had a lot of fun! You had a very strong voice and a good lead! Good Job!

Kassi S. said

at 11:59 am on Apr 2, 2014

I liked the fact that you made it feel like I was there and a part of the game.

ZavierM said

at 9:01 am on Apr 3, 2014

It made me want to read more.

Tommy R. said

at 11:01 am on Apr 3, 2014

I like the emotion

NathanC said

at 12:24 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I liked your voice and details.

Macy H said

at 12:29 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Really good voice in this story. I could feel what the players were feeling.

Kariann E said

at 12:44 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I like how you made me feel like I was there.

Taylor O said

at 12:46 pm on Apr 3, 2014

I felt like I was in the stands cheering nice work!

Joe B. said

at 12:46 pm on Apr 3, 2014

Very intense.

Jaylee H. said

at 8:53 am on Apr 7, 2014

Nice work. I like how it made me feel like I was right there.

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