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Alex H

Page history last edited by Alex H 6 years, 5 months ago

Sometimes I wish…


     Sometimes I wish that I were invincible so that I could do anything I wanted without getting caught. Like driving without my driver license, also not going to school. Then another thing about not getting caught is that I would not have to get in trouble.  Another thing that I wish is that if I could float in mid air. So then I would not have to walk all the time to class to class I could just float. About floating in mid air is that when I have to dunk the basketball I would just have to float up the basketball hoop and dunk It from there. 

     Then after that I wish sometimes I could just have free things. So then I would not have to buy everything that I wanted. I would not have to go get a job because I could get everything for free. Then I really wish that I could have a million wishes so then I could with for everything I wanted. Like free food and free pop. Also if I had a million wishes I would also wish for free trucks and cars and other kinds of cars. Also about those millions of wishes I would wish that I could go into the NBA basketball. So then I could be on TV and have a lot of money and do what ever I wanted that would be awesome. Also when I have those million wishes I would wish for a machine so then I could have the biggest house ever in the whole world.  I with for some free pizza so then I could eat all the pizza I wanted for the rest of my life.

     Then I wish that I could walk threw walls so I could get to my destination faster. After that wish I would wish for another thing like live forever so then I could do a lot of things for a long time. So then when new things come out I could have those new things. After that I wish that I could be famous or something so then I could also be on TV and get a lot of money. It would be fun to get a lot of wishes because if you have a lot of wishes u can get what ever you probably wanted. Sometimes I wish for that we had no school because school is really boring. All you do in school is just listen to the teacher talk and talk over and over again about one subject. Another thing that sometimes I would wish for is that we would have P.E all day and everyday because that is more fun than the other subjects that they teach us. 


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