Kariann E

One Small Box


          She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. For all of Kristen’s life the box in her pocket had been there to give her hope that one day she would find her parents. Even though many people thought that the box was useless, it was like treasure to Kristen. The box was brown with light blue polka dots all over it and it had small latch on it, to keep it closed. Inside there was red lining and some letters that Kristen’s parents had left. Kristen’s parent’s Nina and Jack had given the box to her the night before they had left her when she was 6 years old, to help her remember them.

            Every night at the orphanage Kristen would lye in her bed and read the letters that her parents had left her to lead her to where they were. Written in the first letter is the explanation of why Kristen’s parents had left her. It wasn’t because of Kristen that they left but it was because of where her parents had come from. Her parents used to be citizens in the country of New Zealand. The problem was though that they were being treated unfairly and the country would not allow her parents to be married, so they left the country illegally. This was because Kristen’s mother’s parents had arranged a marriage for Nina with the Prince of New Zealand. Nina had been disgusted with the Prince of New Zealand, for he was very cruel to her. When her parents were 24 years old they ran away from New Zealand together and moved to the United States and had Kristen.

            After searching for Nina and Jack for 6 years the police of New Zealand had taken them back to New Zealand. They didn’t take Kristen because she was a legal citizen of the United States. Her parents also knew that if anyone ever found out that they had Kristen, they would try and take her away from them forever.

            In all of the other letters Kristen’s parents had written about how much they had loved her and that they hope someday they could be together again. Kristen knew that she could see them again, all she had to do was get out of the orphanage and she was free. The only problem was that she had no money and she had to wait for 2 more years to get out of the orphanage.

            One day at the orphanage the lady in charge of all the children had an announcement for all of the girls over 16 years old. If any of them wanted a job they would be offered one in the city. There was big bulletin board set up with all of the jobs that were available. One of the jobs was to be a Nanny for the Mayor Miller’s family. Kristen had decided to take this job because she knew it would probably be very good pay since the Miller’s were so rich. After sending in an application and waiting for what seemed like years they finally replied back to her. The letter had said, “ We would love to help you out, so we are pleased to inform you that you got the job. Please report to Hilton Manor at 9 am Monday morning.” At the bottom of the page Hilary Miller the wife of the Mayor Charles Miller had signed it.

            After a week of working for the Miller’s Kristen had come to know the three Miller children, Olivia, Hayes, and Anna. Out of the three kids Kristen had liked Olivia the most because she never got in trouble and did things without being told. Then there was Hayes and Anna the two troublemakers. Every time Kristen turned her back the would go off and destroy something or annoy one of the employees that worked for the Miller’s. This made Kristen scared because she was supposed to be watching them but she never knew where they were. She was afraid that she might be fired, and if she got fired she would have no money to pay for her trip to New Zealand.

             After working for the Miller’s for about a month Kristen had $500. After figuring it all up if Kristen worked for them for a year she would have almost $6,000 dollars. That probably wouldn’t be enough money so Kristen decided that she would work for them for 2 years at least. On the days that Anna and Hayes broke something it would have to be replaced so the Miller’s used Kristen’s pay to buy what was broken, since she was supposed to be watching the kids. This made it harder for Kristen to get all of the money she needed.

            After a year of being a nanny Kristen had finally found a way to keep Anna and Hayes out of trouble. All she had to do was go out and buy them a spy kit, and they forgot all about destroying things. Instead they would just spy on the cooks in the house or one of the maids.

            When the day came where Kristen had finally turned 18 she was moved out of the orphanage and offered the job as a full time nanny for the Miller’s. It was hard for Kristen to decide if she wanted the job. She knew that in a few months she would have enough money to go to New Zealand, but she also knew that if she told the Miller’s this they would decline the offer. Kristen was known to be an honest person all of her life, so what she did was she told the Miller’s that she would not be able to be a full time nanny for long. To her surprise the Miller’s still offered her the job until she had to go.

            Finally after 12 years of not being able to see her parents Kristen had enough money to go and see them in New Zealand. The Miller’s had been very kind to Kristen and they offered to let Kristen stay in their home that they owned in New Zealand until she found her parents. It was hard to say good-bye to the 3 Miller Children. The kids had thrown a good-bye party for Kristen the night before, but not a lot of people showed up although she still appreciated it. As Kristen was getting on board of the plane she looked back and thought about her old life. Now she would be able to start a new life with her parents.