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Natalie F

Page history last edited by Natalie F. 8 years ago

     On March 13, 2012 my two friends and me did some pretty crazy things. These things involved really loud noises, the cinnamon challenge, and making terrible sugar cookies. Oh yeah forgot one thing… Mudding! What you are about to hear is the story of the three craziest people in the world.

First off we got home and Sally ate like everything in my house. She found the strawberries in my fridge and I tried hiding them from her, but she found them right away. I told her to wash them before she ate them, but she just didn’t want to listen. Since she didn’t do this she ate a MOLDY strawberry! It was so nasty because she looked at it and got wide-eyed. When I saw the strawberry I almost threw up. Meanwhile Sally was leaning over my garbage can gagging. Once she finished gagging she found a weird looking strawberry. She ate it anyway. Then she went to my freezer and made some microwave burritos. While she was finishing all of the food she made Toby and I were eating a snack. Then we went outside and made some videos of us doing weird things while listening to music.

     On these videos you can see Sally trying to ride my Ripstik. She goes half way down my hill screaming and then turns toward the grass and launches into the grass. It was hilarious and even though it hurt she was still laughing like crazy afterwards. Next we went to the shed in my backyard to get some bikes and my brother’s old toy tractor. The tires on the bike were flat so went down to the shop to put some air in them. None of us knew how to work the air hose.

I looked around so I could at least try to get it to work. We saw a switch that said on and I flipped the switch and it turns out the hose wasn’t even plugged in because air flew out of the pipe! Sally screamed her butt off and ran away. Meanwhile Toby ran the other way and I was left with the air hose blowing in my ear. It was really really loud. When I finally turned it off I couldn’t hear anything for a while. What we did next was really funny.

         We took my six-wheeler, and yes it is a SIX-WHEELER and went through mud puddles like crazy. It was just Sally and I the first time. We were going through every puddle and getting so muddy. Once we hit my favorite puddle Nat had her mouth wide open and there was a bump right in the middle of it. So she has her mouth wide open and right when we hit the bump her teeth dig right into my shoulder. It didn’t hurt really bad though because we were both laughing so hard. That was just the first time we went mudding. The second time was even better because we had Toby sit in the back, which hurts like no other when you go over bumps and other things.

     So we came back to the shop to pick up Toby. He hopped in the back and we took off. We went over every bump and through every puddle. He was really sore afterwards. Then we went over the biggest bump and he flew up but didn’t get hurt. We asked him if he wanted to keep going and he said yes. So we were flying through everywhere and Sally shouts PUDDLE! We run through the biggest puddle at my house. Toby screamed the whole way through it because it was really cold. We were so muddy and gross. Then we turned around to go through it again and Toby screamed, “These are new shorts.” Sally and I were laughing all the way through the puddle while Toby was shouting at us. It was the best!

     Then we had to go and at least wash off our legs and arms so we didn’t look to dirty. Then we watched the videos that we took of us outside. You can hear Sally screaming and see me standing there when I hit the switch. We watched and laughed at the funny things we did. You can hear all of us screaming on the six-wheeler when we almost ran right into the pond. The next thing we did was probably one of the stupidest things that anyone could ever do. The Cinnamon Challenge!

     I didn’t do it first though because we only had 2 sinks in case we couldn’t handle the challenge. So I warned them that I have seen people do it before and it looks really painful. I told them to make sure they have a lot of water by them. So Toby said all he needs is his Mountain Dew. Sally said she had milk. I looked away for a minute and then turned back around they had the cinnamon in their mouths. After about 10 seconds Sally blew out a huge cinnamon cloud into my sink. She quickly grabbed the milk and started pouring it all over the place. She didn’t even keep it in her mouth; she just poured it all over her tongue.

     Seconds after Toby blew a cinnamon cloud into the sink. He tried using his Mountain Dew to help him, but it didn’t help at all. So he kept screaming at Sally to give him some water. She wouldn’t give him any so what does he do; he steals it from her. She looks at him with her jaw dropped and she takes it back. Once they settled down they were complaining about why I made them do it, and I didn’t anyways, I just told them about it and they wanted to do it. So then of course I had o do it.

     Later I did the challenge to, but I don’t have time to write about that. I was coughing so badly. There are about 5 more pages worth of stuff we did. I don’t have time to do it though. If you want to find out what happened you’ll have to wait until the next writers workshop. We made cookies and burnt some cookies. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of crazy stuff with my friends, Toby and Sally. 


Comments (28)

Mikayla A. said

at 7:45 am on Mar 19, 2012

The part about the cinnamon challenge was really funny. Good story(:

Madeline T. said

at 7:46 am on Mar 19, 2012

You explained every event very well!

Autumn L. said

at 7:47 am on Mar 19, 2012

Very creative and it feels like your actually there!

Jacob L. said

at 7:48 am on Mar 19, 2012

Very funny you used really good details.

Bailey M. said

at 7:48 am on Mar 19, 2012

Good detail, and very funny. Great Job(:

Mrs. K. said

at 7:49 am on Mar 19, 2012

Just a warning...
The cinnamon challenge is very dangerous. Lots of people have ended up in the hospital because of it.

Kiley J. said

at 7:50 am on Mar 19, 2012

You must have had a good time. I can really see what happens in the story because of the good details.

dustin said

at 7:53 am on Mar 19, 2012

cool and good to read good job made me sick from the strawberry two.

Kimberly R. said

at 7:54 am on Mar 19, 2012

I liked how you gave amazing detail about a cinnamon cloud.

Rebecca M. said

at 8:00 am on Mar 19, 2012

This story was so funny! I loved how your word choice made it so i can picture what was going on, like Nat falling off the rip-stick, and the cloud of cinnamon.

Johnny W. said

at 8:03 am on Mar 19, 2012

I love how you describe how you are going through the puddles and eating the cinnamon.

Gabrielle J. said

at 8:05 am on Mar 19, 2012

I loved this story, it was really funny! I also liked the transition words that you used.

kelvin g said

at 8:07 am on Mar 19, 2012

This is really funny and i like how you explain how once nats teeth sank into your shoulder it did not hurt that much because you were laughing so hard.

Derek. E said

at 8:13 am on Mar 19, 2012

I like how you had grate detail, and how you three were very creative.

Hannah R. said

at 9:03 am on Mar 19, 2012

This was funny.. I can so see you doing this stuff! Sounds like fun!

Natalie M. said

at 7:46 am on Mar 20, 2012

Great Story! (:

Isaiah.R said

at 8:03 am on Mar 20, 2012

You had good detail i could pitcher every thing.

16acallahan said

at 8:52 am on Mar 20, 2012

It was funny and interesting I liked it.

Madelin M. said

at 8:52 am on Mar 20, 2012

I could she you going through every puddle very good at describing things.

Leanne L. said

at 8:55 am on Mar 20, 2012

I liked all the details about the crazy things you did, like the cinnamon challenge and running through the mud.

Tess L said

at 8:55 am on Mar 20, 2012

I liked the part about how he yelled because he was wearing new shorts.

Brian H. said

at 8:59 am on Mar 20, 2012

I liked how Toby drank the Mountain dew after he shot out a cloud of cinnamon, but it did not help, because when I did the cinnamon challenge I tried to drink Pepsi.

Josh W said

at 9:00 am on Mar 20, 2012

My favorite part was the mudding part because you used great detail in the description of it!

Savannah D. said

at 9:00 am on Mar 20, 2012

i liked how you said everything that happened when you went mudding... :) good job

Ean P said

at 9:04 am on Mar 20, 2012

I liked how Toby tried to steal the water.

Jared K. said

at 9:12 am on Mar 20, 2012

Sounds like you had a good time i like how toby got mad because he was wearing new shorts.

McKinley G. said

at 9:15 am on Mar 20, 2012

I like how you described the cloud of cinnamon, and when you went mudding. Very funny story!

jaymy18 said

at 9:17 am on Mar 20, 2012

I like how you put a picture in my mind of Sally leaning over the sink pour milk on her tongue.

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