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Jaymes D

Page history last edited by jaymy18 8 years, 3 months ago

     She was just a young typical 12-year-old girl that thought she could never be hurt. She had a good family on one side, the other, not so much. She thought that her world was perfect and full of big dreams of becoming famous and well known. Suddenly all of her dreams had been crushed. She didn’t want anything but him. He was the perfect one for her and she thought that he loved her and would never hurt her, but he ruined her. As soon as they started dating her grades slipped, she was always distracted in sports, and was holding the biggest secret of her life from her mom. She wanted to tell her mom, but he was too old and she would’ve just had to forget completely about him. Sometimes her mom would ask who he was and she would just lie and say she had no idea. He completely changed her life. Her mom was her best friend for her entire life until he came along. After finding him, her and her mom would go days without talking. She would lie in bed at night crying herself to sleep because she couldn’t tell her mom about how happy she was becoming and how much she wanted her to understand even though she knew she never would. She wanted to tell her mom, have her mom hug her, and say that it was fine and she would let her. Her mom wouldn’t, she knew she wouldn’t.

     What would anyone do when they have to keep the biggest secret of they’re life from their best friend? They go crazy. She started just talking to him and abandoned all of her friends. She only talked to them in school because she had to, as soon as she went home she ignored them and acted like she didn’t even know whom they were. She didn’t even know them anymore and she really didn’t care. She didn’t care about anything except him, because he was becoming her life. She was dying, she would’ve done anything for him so she did and it ruined her. She gave up on everything that she thought he wouldn’t like. She didn’t think her friends were mature enough for him so she stopped talking to them and she felt if she didn’t go behind her mom’s back to date him she would loose him completely and he’d forget about her.

     It was too late, he already had. She didn’t know it was going to happen but he left and she should’ve seen it coming, but she didn’t because she was being hypnotized. He wasn’t the one for her. He didn’t even like her anymore he just said he loved her to hide the hurt. Deep down he did love her but she wasn’t old enough or good enough for someone like him. She would never be perfect to him. She never was and it was luck that she got him in the first place and had him for 8 months.

     To her those were the best 8 months of her life, but later on she realized that every day made it harder and harder for her to forget. She should’ve known that it would end, but she was only 12 no one can fall in love that young and know what true love is. She thought she did and she still does, no matter how old you are you can fall in love whether you are 12 or 112. She knew what love was but this was the wrong kind of love. It was forbidden love. It would never work and she just hurt herself by trying to.

     That girl is me. I made bad mistakes and I’ve learned from them. I’ve learned to not let one person completely control my life, because it isn’t worth it. All of this has made me who I am today. A strong girl that doesn’t let guys get in the way of my dreams. My dreams are more important. Going against my mom was wrong but I couldn’t help it. I was in love and a complete idiot. I let him ruin my life and I’m not going to do it again. I’m going to wait to find guys until I’m done chasing my dreams. There will always be a guy out there for me, but only I have so many chances to make my dreams come true. This is my life and I’m going to live it the way I know is best for me. Free. 



Comments (26)

Ean P said

at 8:43 am on Mar 19, 2012

I lik3 how you said that her grades went bad after they started to date, good details!

Hannah R. said

at 8:44 am on Mar 19, 2012

I like how you explain everything in good detail, and it's good to be happy(:

Audrey.C. said

at 8:44 am on Mar 19, 2012

This was a very good story. It made me want to keep on reading, because this is what happens to a lot of girls.

Tess L said

at 8:46 am on Mar 19, 2012

I loved this. Stuff like this happens to every teenage girl and i could really relate to it.

Madelin M. said

at 8:48 am on Mar 19, 2012

I liked how you used your self in the story

Josh W said

at 8:48 am on Mar 19, 2012

I like how you had good detail with describing how she lost all her friends and mom after dating him.

Leanne L. said

at 8:48 am on Mar 19, 2012

I like how you explain everything, like how she stopped hanging out with her friends, and how her mom and her would fight all the time. I also like that you wrote with a lot of emotion, so I could get a better picture in my mind.

Brian H. said

at 8:49 am on Mar 19, 2012

I liked how you used good word choice so the reader could figure out what you were talking about.

Jared K. said

at 8:50 am on Mar 19, 2012

I liked how you had good detail and you talked about all of the things that happaned

Madison M. said

at 8:55 am on Mar 19, 2012

I liked how you made a picture of what was happening and made the reader want to continue on reading it.

McKinley G. said

at 8:55 am on Mar 19, 2012

I like how it was so detailed, like when you said she ignored her friends and her grades started dropping. It really created a picture in my mind of every thing that happened.

Joshua D said

at 8:55 am on Mar 19, 2012

I liked it, because you gave good details on what could happen when people date at a young age.

Savannah D. said

at 9:02 am on Mar 19, 2012

I really liked your conclusion and also how you kept feeding details that made you want to keep reading

16acallahan said

at 9:06 am on Mar 19, 2012

I like how you told what happened after they started dating.

kelvin g said

at 11:48 am on Mar 19, 2012

really good and you had good detail saying how you did not want your mom to no.

Autumn L. said

at 7:47 am on Mar 20, 2012

Had great detail on how she kept a secret and how everything changed kept me interested!

Madeline T. said

at 7:50 am on Mar 20, 2012

I like how you chose a topic that you had experience on.

Mikayla A. said

at 7:54 am on Mar 20, 2012

You did a good job making a picture in my head of what really happened.

dustin said

at 7:56 am on Mar 20, 2012

good details with a dash of imagination good job.

Rebecca M. said

at 7:57 am on Mar 20, 2012

I felt sorry that she was losing her mom, and friends, and letting someone control her life. It made me want to keep reading to see how she reacted to this, and what happened in the end. It was VERY good!

Bailey M. said

at 8:00 am on Mar 20, 2012

I like how you explained how everything effected you and how you learned from your mistakes.

Jacob L. said

at 8:12 am on Mar 20, 2012

I like how you related it to your life.

Kiley J. said

at 8:12 am on Mar 20, 2012

Since it was about yourself you were able to describe it very well and I could imagine what happened.

Natalie M. said

at 8:13 am on Mar 20, 2012

You had great detail, and you described everything very well.

Mitchell W said

at 8:56 am on Mar 20, 2012

I liked how you said that all of the person's grades slipped because of the guy.

Kimberly R. said

at 8:01 am on Mar 22, 2012

I like how a the beginning you have a good set up of what your talking about. And I like how it relates to your life! (:

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