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Whitney S

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Friday Night


            On April 8th I got off work and wanted to find something to do besides staying home feeling like a bum, so I texted and called friends to see what was going on. Some were busy some weren’t. Bertha and I decided we would go bowling in Elkader with some other friends. Bertha picked me up and we were on our way, on the way there we got a call that we couldn’t go bowling there and that the rest of the group was going to go to West Union, well since we did not want to drive all the way back there we knew there was a bonfire going on the other side of Elkader so we headed that way not really knowing who would be there or what was all happening there. We meet some friends on the gravel and followed them to the spot. As we got out of the vehicle we recognized other people we new, surprised like us they came over giving us crap and asking what we where up to.  We followed them back to the fire grabbed a pop and sat on the back of there trucks. As we where sitting there talking to the others Lyle ran into Dave and smashing him in-between the 2 trucks, making a huge indent in the side of one. Surprisingly Dave didn’t seem very upset unlike I would have been if it was me. We sat on a fords tailgate telling stories and figuring out who is who and where everyone was from. Then suddenly we see Lyle jump up and walk oh so casually to the truck/his we were sitting on while he was on fire, yes on fire the back of his shirt was in flames and also the back of his pants. So we run over to him and pour water and pop on him and finally get it out. So much for “stop, drop, and roll.” After we established that you really shouldn’t sit on a log that is around the outside of the fire for that long of a time, because indeed you will start on fire. We went back to talking and dancing around. Another vehicle showed up and another friend and his fiancée which I haven’t seen since probably August. As we sat on the back of the fords tailgate Lyle showed us his burn, I flicked it, and it was not the smartest thing to do…good thing I had someone to hide behind It must not of felt that great but hey actions have consequences. Sitting there at the same moment Adam and I said at the same time why are we sitting on this Ford instead of his Chevy so we got up and sat on his tailgate. Billy, Tyler, and Jeremy showed up out of the blue even more surprised to see us there. Finally we decided we probably better leave since we would already be an hour and a half late home. I tip toed in the house and not a sound of anyone awake, I was safe.

Comments (18)

lizf said

at 1:02 pm on May 3, 2011

Great times with good friends, great detail i remember it like it was yesterday.

wyattg said

at 1:05 pm on May 3, 2011

Good job i liked how you described getting in the house

heathert said

at 1:05 pm on May 3, 2011

Sounds like you had a good time. The writing has lots of details to describe your night. Nice Job.

feliciag said

at 1:06 pm on May 3, 2011

I definitely liked the part about just meeting up with old friends and having fun dancing around and talking. It's a good way to get to know them again and I also liked how you described the way you entered the house that night when you finally got home!! Good Job Whitney!!

mariahm said

at 1:07 pm on May 3, 2011

I like how you described Lyle on fire, good job!

Mrs. K. said

at 1:12 pm on May 3, 2011

I like how you described the guy casually walking away from the fire not realizing he was in flames.

samil said

at 1:15 pm on May 3, 2011

sounds like you had lots of fun, especially the guy who caught on fire! I definitely like how you had to tip toe into the house. :)

rileys said

at 1:28 pm on May 3, 2011

I like how you describe your night, it sounds like you had fun!

lincolnm said

at 1:28 pm on May 3, 2011

Sounds like fire I like how you put the fire out that was on him instead of telling him to stop drop and roll.

kevind said

at 1:31 pm on May 3, 2011

sound like a good time and the fire is a the maen ponit of the story good job

kandisg said

at 2:18 pm on May 3, 2011

I think I might know who "Bertha" is. :) Sounds like a very eventful night!

brandens said

at 1:02 pm on May 5, 2011

I like how that guy caught on fire and how you describe the night!!!

isabellas said

at 1:47 pm on May 5, 2011

Good description of the guy on fire. Love how yours and wills are both about elkader.

carrieb said

at 2:04 pm on May 5, 2011

good descriptions and that sounds like a blast and i bet getting back in your heart was a pounding. haha.

morgant said

at 2:06 pm on May 5, 2011

sounds like a fun night! good details and good story!

carmenc said

at 2:10 pm on May 5, 2011

sounds fun! i'm excited for campfires this summer, hopefully nobody catches on fire though

leahg said

at 2:16 pm on May 5, 2011

good descriptions! sounds like you had a good night!

spencers said

at 12:29 pm on May 6, 2011

good descriptions, how did he not know he was on fire

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