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Chisholm Pics

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An example of what one of the mines looks like,

This is one of the enormous mining trucks that were used to haul the ore.

Those are some BIG tires!

This sign is on one of the businesses in downtown Chisholm, MN, just across from Longyear Lake.  Maybe this was the block Doc and Ray were walking on. :)

Chisholm has its own "Field of Dreams" sporting complex.

Veda Ponikvar's picture in the Chisholm Museum.

Yes, this is the actual picture of Veda and Jimmy Carter talked about in the book.

Another picture of Veda Ponikvar, pretty much a local celebrity in Chisholm for all of her advocacy work.

This is the road that was mentioned in the book dividing Longyear Lake.  Flags of all the states and nations line the road on both sides.  Maybe this was where they picked up young Archie. :)

A sign for Longyear Lake as mentioned in the book.

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