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Collin B

Page history last edited by Collin 10 years, 2 months ago


                                                                                           What do I do




     Well its time to start thinking about mowing lawn witch is a good thing. My dad and I need to get a new lawn tractor because Ares will blow up soon because it gets starved for oil. That is a very bad thing so a new to use lawn tractor is in order. We were going to go after a John Deere 318 but after reading up on it there are about 500,000 made or around there but after 1000 or 2000 hours you need to over haul the motor. So I started looking at something different so I found its brother the 322 which has a 3 cylinder Yanmer gas engine in it but. The best part is that that tractor has a twin that is a 3-cylinder diesel. A diesel engine will last twice as long as a gas engine John Deere published fuel consumption rates for these tractors the 332 diesel mentioned above uses half as much fuel.

     Then you have to take into account that diesel has twice as much low end torque as a gas the 322 is 18 horse the 332 is a 16 horse so there almost equal in power. Whatever tractor we get it’s going to be worked for the rest of its life. We plan on getting the snow blower that goes on front of it. This year on our tractor we have a 46 in snow thrower that will work on it but it’s only a single stage. These wont handle slush very well or at all so the snow blower a 2-stage is in order. But what makes these so great is that they are 400 pounds of solid steel. 

     To go with this all these tractors can have a category “0” 3-point hitch on them like a tractor. Once you get this and the 2000 RPM rear PTO you can run things like 50 or 60 inch grooming decks Or a 48inch rowotiller that can till 8 inches deep. Then just for the 3-point there are plows to till your garden, back blades, box blades, planters, and scoop tote buckets, and land rollers. Then just for the front there are full front-end loaders or a FEL for short. These can lift about 400 pounds if weighted right and have a maximum of 8 feet of lift. Then there are sweepster front brooms or brushes. They are great for cleaning up the driveway after the snowplow roles all that gravel and sand. You can also use them to move snow they can be used in up to 6 inches of wet slushy snow. Then if we do get the diesel tractor when we pull a lawn roller in the spring to flatten out the lawn from the deer walking over it so much. I get to go for a nice Sunday drive because diesel has low-end torque so pulling a 600-pound lawn roller will be like not working it at all. Then after that the nice 50 decks to mow with gets put on.

     Before we got our John Deere mower we had a MTD that had a 36-inch deck and was a 6-speed belt drive are 300 the tractor we have now if a 46-inch hydrostatic drive. With the MTD it took me 2 hours to mw lawn now it takes me a hour if I have it full throttle and the grass is short to a hour and a half when its long. The MTD had 12 inch turf tires on it that my dad and I filled with fluid to give it more traction. Now the john Deere has 16-inch bar tires with 50lbs wheel weights. The MTD I could pick the backend up by myself my john Deere I can just barley move its mower deck. The MTD had a half-gallon tank that had to be full to the brim to mow my back yard or it died and rolled with you on it down the hill from starvation of fuel NOT FUN. My Deere has a 4 and a half-gallon tank that I cant fill up all the way or it leaks out the back when I go up my hill but that’s a good problem to have. My MTD was a manual lift with spring assist but the spring broke. My John Deere has hydraulic lift all around. The MTD was a lawn mower the john Deere is a lawn tractor. The MTD had a 10 and a half horse Briggs under the hood. My John Deere has a 16-horse kholer under its very heavy hood.

     Now do you under stand why I’m so obsessed with John Deere ridding lawn mowers. There just so much better then any other. Anything your mower can do my mower can do it better.

Comments (11)

Doug said

at 9:57 am on Mar 8, 2010

Last Year I mowed a lot of lawns, but if i had a lawn tractor that would have been awesome. GREAT STORY:)

Dominick said

at 9:59 am on Mar 8, 2010

that sounds like a awesome diesel fuel engine.

Mrs. K. said

at 10:13 am on Mar 8, 2010

You need to start your own business! You definitely have lots of knowledge on the subject!

Corby said

at 10:51 am on Mar 10, 2010

No my mower is way better i pulled a hay wagon with ours. Great story we should have a mowing competition, just kidding.

Ryanp said

at 8:57 am on Mar 11, 2010

You truly are obsessed with lawn mowers but you do seem to know a lot about them. It was very interesting.

Collin said

at 9:48 am on Mar 11, 2010

Corby Try a double snowmobile trailer fully loaded with brush a half mile to the town burn pile up my hill.

Steven said

at 9:56 am on Mar 11, 2010

nice info :P

Katrina said

at 9:56 am on Mar 11, 2010

it is funny how you like lawnmowers so much they are like a hobby to you it seems like :D

Courtney said

at 9:57 am on Mar 11, 2010

All you talk about now days is lawn mowers and mowing a little freaky but i guess that's what you like!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Lorissa said

at 10:12 am on Mar 11, 2010

nice story

Drake said

at 10:17 am on Mar 11, 2010

I knew that the story was would be about lawn mowers but it was good.

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