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WIT Chapter 6

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A Wrinkle In Time Study Guide
Chapter 6
Seethe      solemn       myopic       vulnerable          aberration
Writhe      anticlimax   unkempt     simultaneous       precipitously
Answer the following questions with detail:
  1. What made the darkness disappear?
  1. Why did Charles Wallace want to kiss Mrs. Whatsit?
  1. Meg became angry when she saw how sad her mother was. Why did Mrs. Whatsit tell Meg to “Stay angry”?
4.     The three women had to leave the kids on their own on Camazotz. However, before they left, they each gave something special to the kids. What gift did each woman give them?
a)     Mrs. Whatsit gave to:
*Calvin –
*Meg –
*Charles Wallace –
b) Mrs. Who gave to:
*Calvin –
*Meg –
*Charles Wallace –
c) Mrs. Which gave all three of them a command. What was it?
5. Mrs. Whatsit also warned Charles Wallace about something. What was it?
6. Why were the kids left on Camazotz anyway? What were they going to do?
7. What are Meg’s faults? How can her faults help her with her mission?
8 How do you think the things that happen or are said in this chapter are foreshadowing?
9. Write a paragraph describing what it is like on Camazotz. How would you like living in a place like this?
10. Why does Charles Wallace get scared?
11. Why do you think the women had to leave the children alone?
12. What is odd about the people of Camazotz?


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