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Valley 8th graders win national contest

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Valley 8th graders win national contest

By: Marla M

Last month, the “Social Studies Nappers” won the February National Online

Current Events League. Valley students Cody Torkelson, Sam Klann, Geordan Hanson, William Imoehl, and Dawn Thompson make up the team.  They came out on top over 435 teams in the United States that competed in the 8th grade contest.

The Monthly National Online Current Events League promotes lifelong learning, peer tutoring, cooperative learning, peer interaction and self learning. The league is tested by grade level, third grade through high school.

 Once a month, students in Mr. Krambeer’s social studies class take online tests about recent current events. There are eight topics they are tested on: national news; geography news; people, places, and things; family and society; arts and entertainment; sports news; world news; and topic of the week. They are then placed into teams, and their test scores are automatically submitted.

Each Friday, Mr. Krambeer’s class also participates in the weekly sample News Bowl quiz. The questions are organized like jeopardy into categories of news with each question given a total point value. This is a great practice review for the actual scored current events test they take once a month.

News Bowl is a positive activity that makes current events fun in the classroom, promotes student interest in the news, and encourages lifelong learning. Congrats to the Social Studies Nappers! 



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