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Texting and driving

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Texting and driving: not as harmless as you think

By: Suzanne J

Most juniors and seniors in high school drive everyday, to at least to and from school. The majority of them also have cell phones, and use that device to text while they drive. They don’t realize, however, the real danger of texting and driving. Like many of us, they think getting into accident can never happen to them.

                Many accidents result from texting and driving because the drivers get so focused on their message that they get distracted from the road. According to a Vlingo Company Survey, approximately 60% of people ages 16-19; and 49% of people in their 20’s, admit to texting while driving.  Unfortunately, this texting does causes accidents quite often, so students and adults really should know the facts. 

                Texting and driving is hazardous to yourself and to others. While distracted with texting, not only do drivers risk their own safety, but they also put others at risk of getting involved in an accident.

While teens text and drive, they either text with one hand and steer with the other, or they text with both hands and steer with their knees. Yes, this may be multitasking, but a US study by AAA shows texting and driving caused teens to slow down, weave in and out of lanes, and in some gruesome cases, run pedestrians over while texting in a simulator!

Governor David Paterson of New York is seeking a ban on texting and driving in his state, so fines will be given out to people who get caught texting and driving. Senator Charles Schumer agrees with his fellow politician saying, “Studies show that texting and driving is astonishingly more dangerous than driving while intoxicated.” States that don’t ban texting and driving could forfeit hundreds of millions of dollars in federal highway funds under proposed legislation as well. Texting and driving has serious consequences, so if that message just cannot wait, learn to pull over and keep everyone’s safety in mind.

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