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Teacher Links

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The following are links that I either use a lot or that I stumbled onto and found just plain cool or very useful.



NFV Links:

What the heck is AIW and why are we doing it?





Other Useful Links:


Wiki Basics-basic information about creating and maintaining a wiki. 

Wiki Junior-online books for and by kids. 

MindMeister-online mind mapping, collaborative


How can wikis, blogs and web 2.0 tap into visual learning? 

Project Based Wiki Example-Waukee Elementary trip project

presentation link


Wiki Books-from wikipedia.  Create online educational books that are available right on the web.


Keystone AEA 1 Training Wiki

Online Quiz/Study/Survey

Quizlet-great site for students to study from--creates flashcards and other study tools for vocab, etc.

ProProfs-FREE knowledge sharing tools & FREE online education


MyStudiyo-make online quizzes--free. 

Grammar Girl-Quick and dirty grammar tips via podcast.


Survey Monkey-free survey tool.


XTimeline-create your own free timeline charts.






Teacher Resources


ITEC '09 Handout Information-This year's links and resources.  Lot's of great new ideas. 

Read*Write*Think-lots of great teacher and student resources. 

Thinkfinity-great searchable teaching resource. 

My Hero Project 

WizIQ-enables teachers and learners to collaborate through:

  • Virtual Classes

  • Online Tests

  • Educational Content

  • Contact Network



Comic Creators:





Lego Comic Builder


LanSchool-monitor student computers for free!

HippoCampus-online course content

Curriki-Free Lesson Clearinghouse


Online Story Creators:




ePub (online companion version)



Timeline Creators: 

Life Timeline Builder



TimeRime-timeline creator with text, video, pics


Online Collaboration for Writing- using online resources to promote writing.

ITEC '08 Handout Information-lots of good resources that were presented at the conference.

Meet-o-matic -use this if you are having trouble arranging a meeting time


Miscellaneous Links:

Tenmarks-MATH! (2-8, Algebra I, II and Geometry supplemental or enrichment site—run by university & only available during the school year)

Museum Box-virtual cube creator for projects

Fakebook-create a "facebook-like" page for historical figures and save as a PDF

Smore-(online flyers that you share  like glogster that can be saved or posted to social media)

WeVideo-pretty awesome cloud based video creator

Viewpure-paste in url and create, and view video (even youtube) without ads, suggested videos, etc.

Popplet-presentation/mapping/organizing tool

Magnoto-like Glogster, but still free


Open Education Resources


Book Talks for Book Worms- What a great idea!  I want to do this next year.

Scholastic Book Wizard-good resource for leveling books quickly.


Useful Presentation Links:
Web 2.0 Presentation @ ITEC 2011

Stretch Your Software Budget with Free Software

Reading Comprehension and Technology

Social Networking

Ning-(Educational option for social networking)



Twitter-a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?


EPals-world's largest online educational community

Video/Audio Edit/Hosting/


Animoto-makes videos for you out of pics and sets to music-up to 30 second videos free.

Jingproject.com-using screen video and voice over--really cool and useful 

Teacher Tube-some funny and serious educational videos.  

Internet Archives

-Huge archive of copyright free historical video, audio, music, etc.

Zimmer Twins-more elementary movie maker


Audacity-This free software is a must if working with podcasting and sound in general on a PC. 

Skype-free phone service and video connection.

 Voice Thread-capture voice and attatch to pictures for free. 

Podcast Overview-lots of helpful links about podcasting


Podomatic-pod hosting and assistance 


Natural Reader-Text to voice software that has a free version.  Wonderful for struggling students or those with disabilities.


Other Cool Tools

Tiny URL-Tired of those long links that run on forever?  Tiny URL shrinks them down for you and they still work! 

Freewebs-(no kidding-free webhosting and easy to use)



Writeboard -free collaboarative writing tool.  Like Googledocs, but easier tracing of who edits what.



Wordie-Like Flickr without the photos  

Freemind-free concept mapping software

Tag Crowd-Create your own tag cloud from any text to visualize word frequency.


Lulu-publish and print your own books!

Tag Galaxy-Kind of a cool way to search Flickr pictures 


Google Docs-great resource to save documents for use at home and school.




Photoshop.com -online photo editing (free)

Prezi-presentation software, not really new, but I realized I didn't have it on here; one of the presenters called this "Powerpoint on crack"



iPad notes--
Frog dissection--science
Your Teacher--math
airsketch--like a smartboard presentation
Common core standards
ePub iBook
Wikihood--info about cities & areas
PDF expert
Conversion app--science/math
Fraction basics

Roadshow app – finds the videos in a site and saves for offline access




epubs-create books with multimedia imbedded to upload to iBooks app on iPad. (epubbud.com will do the same thing with web 2.0)

appolicious.com scan computer for apps, saves a list, lots of good recommendations

Apple recommended apps


Toontastic ipad cartoon app

Singing fingers-music/art

MadPad-visual sound pics

Onine Textbooks



Graphic Organizers



Model of Evidence



1-to-1 Notes -Sigourney

soshiku.com -homework to text

stripcreator.com -comic books

storyjumper.com -illustrate short stories

google lit trips

creative commons -borrow & edit noncopyrighted material

kubbu.com-testing & grading

classmarker.com -testing

"It's a Book" -youtube video

Digital Book Talks UCF

check out Turnitin.com for Microsoft Money? -about 2.50 per student?






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