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Students have a say in the new electronics policy at Valley

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Students have a say in the new electronic policy at Valley

By: Kenzie N

As the student body president of the 2009-2010 school year, I entered the new year with high aspirations. I didn’t expect to be working towards those aspirations on the very first day of school. However Valley principal, Mr. Brian Williams, called me to his office second hour on that first day and already had a large task for student council to tackle: the electronics policy in our school’s handbook. With today’s advancements in technology the code is in desperate need of changing. The policy currently states “Personal property including, but not limited to, lasers, radios, recorders, CD, iPods, MP3 and tape players, pagers, cell phones, and electronic games, etc., are to be turned off and not used during the school day.”

Any person paying attention to high school kids on a day-to-day basis probably notices they have a hard time functioning without the use of electronics, especially their cell phones and iPods. It has been an ongoing struggle at Valley to keep the students in line about the electronic rules. Many students feel the handbook is our of date and should allow mp3 devices in the classrooms. Staff members want to ensure consistency in the understanding and enforcing of the policy.  It was brought up at a recent faculty meeting that the code should be re-evaluated to please both the students and the faculty.  It was decided that the student council take an active role in preparing the new code so that students would participate in the planning process and comply with the new boundaries being set for their use of electronics.

The council is made up of 11 student body members from grades 9-12. The council will meet several times and create an outline for a new policy. The other members of the student body will be allowed to fill out surveys to submit their input on the new policy. The council will then meet again to finalize the policy with all of the student’s opinions in mind. After the council has approved it, the document will be presented to the secondary faculty. If the policy is approved there it will reach the board of education at the September board meeting. If the staff does not approve of the document it will be sent back to the students for further revisions. 

Mr. Williams and the student council members are both excited to let the student body play an active role in governing our school. By allowing the students to have a voice they will be more susceptible to following the rules.  This is a great opportunity for the faculty and students of Valley High School to come together to allow our school to function at its best.

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