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Shalee the Critic--Brand Names

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Shalee the Critic: Brand Names

By: Shalee H

High school is that time in your life when you begin defining your character, a character that will not only draw attention in positive ways, but will surely also draw judgment, gossip, and even jealousy, no matter how unwilling your peers are to admit it.  One part of having a unique character is having a unique style.  Too many times in high school and college settings, students allow the ‘latest fad’ to define their style, rather than letting themselves shine through.  I remember, not too long ago, being absolutely obsessed with the American Eagle brand of clothing.  In fact, right now, my brother is experiencing a similar adoration for Under Armour.  We all do it, we try to get the best things, but not always just so that we can have the best; much of the time we get the best things so that other people know that we have the best.  In today’s high school, popular brands include: American Eagle, Hollister, Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas to name a few.  But at what price will we stop trying to fit in and start being reasonable?

            At the moment, our country is going through an economic recession.  These are hard times, and money is tight, yet, we still feel the need to go out and buy the best of everything.  To have something, at all, is a blessing.  But, I believe, we take for granted the things that we already have.  One of the simplest ways to cut back on our over-spending is to start bargain shopping, especially for clothes. 

            Over the years, I have gone through different stages in my life, and I finally understand that the clothes I wear aren’t every thing.  I never used to think about prices, but getting close to college I am beginning to see what a burden it is to buy such expensive clothes.  I became very uncomfortable when I tried thinking of the most expensive pair of jeans I had bought… they were $52!  I was shocked and disgusted with myself.  After shopping with some of my friends, and hearing lunchroom talk about other girls and their clothes, I realized a lot of people spent even more than that!  On a simple pair of jeans!  And, of course, I’d spent more than $20 on a nice shirt, and… well we can just stay off of the prom dress topic.

            After doing my mental math, and feeling quite sick to my stomach, I began shopping and looking for cheaper things.  Almost two years later, and I now rarely spend more than $25 on a pair of jeans, and no more than $15 on a shirt.  I’m not sure if  you’ve seen what I wear, but you can’t really tell the difference between me, wearing my $20 dollar jeans, and my $12 top, and the girl next to me wearing her $86 Hollister jeans, and $32 Buckle top.

            A lot of people believe it is difficult to find good jeans for less than $25, and it is.  However, stores like Aeropostle and Gordman’s have a very wide selection of jeans just around that price range, as well as shirts, dresses, jewelry, and shoes!  In a lot of areas in life, price reflects quality.  I’ve been a lover of both brand names and knock-offs and I find no real difference, at least not real enough to make me spend more than a sensible amount on an outfit.  If people don’t like my style, that’s fine.  If they like shelling out more than $100 on half of an outfit, well, then be my guest. I’ll stick with my bargain brands.

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