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Shalee the Critic YouTube

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Shalee the Critic: YouTube

By: Shalee H

What is YouTube?  YouTube is one of the many beautiful wonders of the World Wide Web.  It is a site in which users are able to upload, view, and share videos of all kinds.  They can be music videos, home videos, funny videos, inspirational videos, clips from movies, or any other kind of video you can imagine.  In order to upload videos you need to become a “member of the YouTube society”; however, in order to view the videos on the site all you need to do is go to www.youtube.com and type in the search bar the title of the video you want to see, or do a keyword search for a video. 

YouTube has many uses, even in school.  In multimedia, we use YouTube as a music source while we are working hard as always.  In government, on “YouTube Friday”, we spend several minutes searching humorous videos or movie clips.  There are also all kinds of tutorials on YouTube. These tutorials involve anything from makeup to sports equipment, from clothing to historic research, and much more.  There are also plenty of educational videos that can be used to find information for work, school, and other projects. 

YouTube is one of the fastest growing websites out there.  In fact, in 2006 the very first annual “YouTube Awards Ceremony” was held.  This year the ceremony was similar to that of the Grammy and Oscar awards!  There are several categories of YouTube awards and the winners of each category of the YouTube awards could win up to $10,000.  Makes you consider a new career, doesn’t it?

Though this site can be very useful and entertaining, there are a few things that you should watch out for.  The sight is very mildly censored leaving profanity, nudity, and substance abuse easily accessible.  YouTube is not a site where you have to be a certain age to view the video; it is open to all age groups.  I definitely enjoy the YouTube site; I believe in can be very helpful in finding information and it is also great when you need a good laugh; however, you do need to be somewhat careful when selecting videos to watch.  Parents, just make sure you know what your kids are watching so that they don’t get into something that is too much for them.  Overall, it is a great site.  It was a simple idea, being able to share videos, and became a world-wide phenomenon.  It is a very versatile site that you can find almost anything on; you just have to keep in mind that finding almost anything you want can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing.  So please, YouTube wisely.



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