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Presentation Sign-up

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Eighth graders, add your topic to the appropriate class column.  Be careful not to delete or write over top of anyone else's topic.  Remember, I can see who deletes or adds things in my page history.



Little Women Presentation Topics--2009-2010

1st Hour English

2nd Hour English

Kjerstin M: Centaurs ok collin b: farmimg (in the 1800's) ok
Tomi T: ice skating equipment development ok Kaitie O: Food preperation and storage in the 1800's ok
Noah L: american composers of the 1800's (you might have to expand this--ok)

Doug S: types of houses then (Architecture in the 1800's) ok 

Brady G:pilgrim's progress (the play) not sure if you will find enough on this Courtney B:Pilgrim's Progress ok
Kalleigh F: Louisa May Alcott ok Sawyer H: Jobs of the 1800s. probably too specific, how about treats and sweets of the 1800's?
Leah R: Fashion of the 1800's ok

trevor w:boats/ships of the 1800's ok

Kathleen N: Charles Dickens ok Mariah A.-Medicinal practice of the 1800's ok

Kennedy : Victorian Balls/Dances of the 1800s ok

Angela D.-louisa may alcott ok
  Corby O: Dental Care in the 1800's ok

Steven W.-Dentistry(1800's)  ok

Mitch C: Games and hobbies of the 1800's. ok Katrina F.-currency of the 1800's ok

Tessa B: A womans life in the 1800's compared to a womans today. jobs, hobbies, etc.  ok

drake S.-civil war weapons ok
 Shelby L: how people in the 1800's dealt with sickness and such, also what they had to be aware of.  (maybe call it practical or household medical care in the 1800's) ok  Katlyn G.- religions catholic/protestant ok
Nick W.: Scarlet Fever ok Dominick.k Robert E Lee ok
Dakota M:  marriage traditions in the 1800's ok Alex c: transportation of the 1800's ok
ryan p. agricultureof the 1800's ok Colby S: Composers of the 1800's ok
Belle H. : schools or finishing schools of the 1800's depending on amount of availible information ok

Kenny J. General Ulysses S. Grant ok

  sabrina w.-entertainment of the 1800's ok
  lorissa B.-scarlet fever ok
  Hayley S.- Battle of Gettysburg ok


Ryan M.- Medical equipment in the 1800s ok


Zachary R.- School in the 1800's

Little Women Presentation Topics--2008-2009

1st Hour English

2nd Hour English

Carly M: Schools of the 1800's  OK Carly L: Clothes/Fashion in the 1800's OK
Dalton S: Money in 1800's  OK--Maybe a comparison of what things cost now vs. then, and average salary, prices, etc.

Cayley H: Tools of the 1800s (curling irons, tools... etc.) OK--maybe focus on things they would consider "gadgets" and tools since fashion is already taken

Toni R: Fashion/clothes in the 1800's OK

Meghan O: Balls and Dances in the 1800's OK--focus on the music, etiquette, planning, meals, dances, etc.
Jacqueline F: Foods preparation and storage the 1800's  OK Nick B: CivI War Chaplains OK
Page K: Postal Service of the 1800s  OK Sydney B: How to fix your hair in the 1800s and what they used to fix their hair (like how to curl your hair).  OK
Emily B: Louisa May Alcott OK Cody O: history of horse-drawn sleighs and carriages.  OK

Shauna K: Music in the 1800s OK

Amy D: Houses (architecture) in the 1800's  OK

Jodi S: Games in the 1800s  OK 

Alison M: Schools of the 1800's  OK
Geordan H: Transportation of the 1800s  OK Maria C: Pilgrim's Progress  OK
Lexi M: Medical Care in the 1800s  OK Kynzee O. Dental Care Of The 1800's  OK
Logan D: Farming in the 1800s  OK Grant W: Money in 1800's  OK--Maybe a comparison of what things cost now vs. then, and average salary, prices, etc.
Chandler L: Womens life in the 1800's  OK  (A woman's role in the 1800s --how different than a man's, what a typical day was like, how different than today) Mallory B: Medical Care in the 1800's  OK
Sam K.- Buildings (architecture) in Cities in the 1880s compared to now.  OK Jenna H: Food preparation and storage in the 1800's OK
Cody T. - Towns of the 1800s, what they consisted of and how they changed through the years OK (focusing on small towns may be easier than larger ones.) Kathryn A: What jobs were appropriate for girls in the 1800's  OK  (A woman's role in the 1800s --how different than a man's, jobs, expectations.)
Dawn T.-Parties/entertainment of the 1800's OK, just be careful not to copy your brother's from last year :) Joe D: The Pickwick Portfolio OK
Ashlee E.- Pilgrims Progress.  OK - Author Paul Bunyon

David C. jails of the 1800s OK

William I.- Famous battles of the civil war  OK, but you might need to narrow it down more Koree O.: What kind of games did they play in the 1800's and hobbies maybe  OK
Blake R.- General Robert E. Lee  OK Chris T. : Famous battles of Civil War.  OK but you probably want to pick just a few of the pivotal battles to focus on.
Max W.- General Ulysses S. Grant OK Dalton H.:  Orchard House OK

Rebecca B.- Scarlet Fever  OK

Alex C.:  General Robert E. Lee OK

Ashley G. - What jobs were appropriate for girls in the 1800's (A woman's role in the 1800s --how different than a man's, jobs, expectations.) OK

Nathan G.:  General Ulysses S. Grant OK
Austen B.-Pets of the 1800s  This will work till we find a better one. Janice F. Battle injuries & medical care OK--also add field hospitals


Little Women Presentation Topics--2007-2008

1st Hour English

2nd Hour English

Sami L.--Clothing of the 1800s

 Spencer S.--Civil War Chaplains

Cassie W.--Pickwick Portfolio

 Will S.--Dental Care of the 1800s

 Levi F.--School in 1800s  Shannon J.--Medical Care of the 1800s
 Lincoln M.--Famous Generals of Civil War  Max M.--Pickled Foods
 Jacob T.--Pickled Limes  Amber K.--Pickwick Portfolio
 Liz F.--Money in the 1800s

 Whitney S.--Schools in the 1800s

 Dylan B.--Pilgrim's Progress  Austin A.--Pilgrim's Progress
 Mariah M.--Balls/Dances of the 1800s  Kandis G.--Louisa May Alcott
 Rebecca K.--Food Preparation and Storage of 1800s  Riley S.--Food Preparation and Storage of 1800s
 Alexis M.--Games of the 1800s  Matthew I.--Housing and Luxury in 1800s
 Clay A.--Discipline Practices of 1800s  Lexi F.--Clothing/Fashion of the 1800s
 Heather T.--A Day in the Life of a 1800s Rich/Poor Person  Garrett B.--Boats/Ships of the Civil War
 Joe K.--Transportation of the 1800s  Felicia G.--Games of the 1800s
 Carmen C.--Medical Care of the 1800s  James T.--Parties/Balls/Dances/Plays Entertainment of the 1800s
 Leah G.--Louisa May Alcott

 Carrie B.--Charles Dickens

 Wyatt G.--Dental Care of the 1800s  Kevin D.--General Ulysses S. Grant
 Wade L.--General Robert E. Lee  Miranda P.--General Robert E. Lee
 Morgan T.--Scarlet Fever  Aleesa G.--Skating in the 1800s
 Ben H.--Post-secondary Education of the 1800s  Isabella S.--Scarlet Fever
   Nicole T.--Transportation of the 1800s


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Remember, 8th graders, that your presentation topics must be chosen by Wed. 11/26!

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there is a lot of informaition there

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This is an awesome sign up page

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