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Multimedia Composition

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I no longer teach Multimedia, but I have left these links as archives in case they may prove useful. 

Get your pictures in the yearbook! The Yearbook Staff invites students and parents to submit photos for the yearbook. If you've got great photos of school and  

community events or you and your friends just having fun, we'd like to see them. Our photographers can't be everywhere. Help us get as many photos as possible to create a terrific book everyone will want to have.

Elgin Echo Website


* We currently submit weekly articles to the Elgin Echo "Tiger Beat" page and are looking forward to doing some podcasting in conjunction with the paper in the second half of the school year.

We cover a wide range of stories from events happening around the school, to opinion pieces, to world issues. 

Some of our weekly or bi-weekly featured articles include:

"Question of the Week"

"Teacher Feature"



Hotmail  If you would like to contact our class for the yearbook or about articles, here is our email: valleymultimedia@hotmail.com 


Yearbook Avenue


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Podcasting Guide




Tiger Beat Journalists


Students have a say in the new electronics policy at Valley

Students "Get Motivated" at conference

Valley heats up

Parents can now access grades

Valley celebrates National Education Week

Surviving the madness of Black Friday

A new way to take on holiday baking

Out with the new fads and in with the old

Knights of Columbus host free throw competition

A different way to celebrate "Going Green"

Valley students receive writing awards


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Plazmapalooza begins

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Teacher Feature: Week 4

Staying healthy in the winter season

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Valley receives Perkins Grant

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Valley business management class starts sales



Band is on a roll

Texting and driving

What really happens at teacher in-services?

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Pre-employment class learns by example

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Tips for keeping your New Year's resolution

Students attend Dorian

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Experiencing Washington D.C.


Valley updates lunch program

Valley students visit Dairy Expo

Valley hosts Grant Open House

Valley Junior High Band hosts concert for 4th graders

Elementary students learn trustworthiness

Valley band members attend UIC Honor Band

Valley pre-employment class learns teamwork technique

Drill team camp held at Valley



Changes at Valley School

Experiencing a new culture


Question of the Week

By Chelsi B

“What was the most memorable part of your summer?”
1) Becca H (Senior): Going to a beach in Michigan because it was super fun!
2) David T (Junior): Going to England and Ireland.

3) Mr. Krambeer (Teacher): Shaving my head.

4) Erica J (Junior): Mission trips with friends.

5) Spencer S (Sophomore): Going to New Orleans for Luther League.

6) Reagan L (7th Grader): Going to Lake of the Ozarks.

Question of the week

By Kenna L

“What are you looking forward to most this year?” 

1) Morgan T (sophomore): Homecoming, because I get to dress silly.

2) Paul S (senior): Graduation, because then I will be done with school.

3) Mrs. Luzum (counselor): Having my son be in Kindergarten.

4) Thora T (junior): Prom and being on the Prom Committee.

5) Haley S (8th Grade): For school to be over.

6) Austen B (freshman): Basketball, because it is the best sport. 

Question of the Week

By Kenzie N

“What is the best and worst part of the mobile labs at Valley?”
1) Megan B (Senior): Best- you don’t have to leave class to go to the computer lab. Worst- many of the lap tops freeze before you save your work.
2) Kendra K (Junior): Best- You can work on projects without going to the library or computer lab. Worst-They’re Macs.

3) Joe K (Sophomore): Best- They are smaller than the computer lab computers. Worst-the software is too technological.

4) Nick B (Freshman): Best- you have the computers right in the classroom and don’t have to go to the lab. Worst- They freeze a lot.

5) Mr. Bonte (Teacher): Best- the students have more access to technology that’s necessary to encourage researching and exploring outside the classroom. Worst- The hassle of bringing them in, setting them up, and putting them away. 

6) Drake S (8th grader): Best- you don’t have to ask teachers to leave the classroom to use a computer. Worst-working with no mouse on the lap top.

Question of the Week

By Megan B

“What is your favorite store and why?”
1) Bob O (Senior): Scheels, because they have sports stuff.
2) Angela W (Junior):  Bath and Body Works, because they have cute rubber duckies.

3) Jacob T (Sophomore): Game Stop, because it has cheap games.

4) Emily B (Freshman): Scheels, because I like sports.

5) Mrs. Rule (Teacher): Von Maur, because it has quality items.

6) Noah L (8th grader): Walmart, because they have everything you could ever need with a very low price.


Question of the Week

By Joelle D

“What is the scariest movie you have ever seen and why?”

1) Kyle L (Senior): The Descent, it rattles my bones because it could actually happen.

2) Alison M (Freshman): 30 Days of Night, because the little vampire girl is scary.

3) Carmen C (Sophomore): The Unborn, because it gave me nightmares.

4) Blaine E (Junior): Jurassic Park, because the dinosaurs were big and scary.

5) Mrs. Severson-Curiel (Teacher): The Omen (original), because of all the blood, guts, and gore.

6) Sawyer H (8th Grader): The Grudge, because of the scary girl that makes weird noises and follows people.


Question of the Week

By Kenzie N

“What is your favorite musical and why?”
1) Shantel L (Senior): Phantom of the Opera because it’s a heart gripping love story.
2) Megan D (Junior): Les Miserables because the action is awesome.

3) Mrs. Brackett (Band Instructor): Music Man because it’s about band directors, Maredith Wilson is from Iowa, and every song is memorable.

4) Amber K (Sophomore): High School Musical because Troy is super luscious.

5) Sam K (Freshman): Music Man because it’s the only one I’ve seen.

6) Colin B (8th Grade): Grease because it has awesome cars in it.


Question of the Week

By Chelsi B

“What are you afraid to lose the most, why?”
1) Jenna S (Senior): My mom, because she is amazing.
2) Ardel McCartney (Staff): My family, because there is nothing more important to me than Ron, Zeke, and Kara.
3) Tyler W (Junior): My TV, because I would be lost without it.

4) Grant W (7th Grader): My money, because it means a lot to me.

5) Kjerstin M (8th Grader): My dogs, because they’re really good friends.

6) Joe D (Freshman): My I-pod, because it’s expensive and I use it a lot.

Question of the Week

By Kenna L

"What is your favorite website and why?"
 1) Mrs. Lezley Johansen (Librarian): "Random Acts of Kindness, because there are a lot of neat things on there."
2) Brianna L (Senior): "YouTube, because it makes my day brighter to watch videos."
3) Kennedy C (8th Grader): "Facebook, because I can spend hours on end on it."
4) Riley S (Sophomore): “World of War Craft, because I like fighting dragons.
5) Jack D (Junior): “Google, because I love to search things.”
6) Tanner J (7th Grade): “Sports Illustrated, because I can check up on my sports.”  

Question of the Week

By: Suzanne J

“What’s your favorite Homecoming day?”

1) Mrs. Torkelson (faculty): Spirit Day, because it’s the day of the big game

2) Carly M (freshman): Pajama Day, because it makes me feel comfortable

3) Leah G (sophmore): Pajama Day, because I like wearing my pajamas

4) Steven K (junior): Salad Dressing Day, because I can seem like a vegetarian

5) Brittany A (senior): Pajama Day, because I can just wake up and go to school

6) Becky O (senior): Pajama Day, because I don’t have to worry on what to wear

Question of the Week

By Megan B

“If you could be a celebrity for one day who would you be and why?”
1) Sara R (Senior): Taylor Swift, because I would be dating the guy who plays Jacob Black.
2) Erika H (Junior):  Kristen Stewart, because when I go to work I could see the guy who plays Jacob Black.

3) Annette Butikofer (faculty): Meredith Vieria, because she gets to be on the news and she gets to tease Matt Lauer.

4) Kandis G (Sophomore): Hannah Montana, because she gets to live the best of boths worlds.

5)Cody T (Freshman): Aaron Rodgers, because he is an all star and he gets to play football every day.  

6) Austin K (7th grade):  Ozzy Osbourne, because he eats bats.


Question of the week

By Kenna L

"What is your favorite website and why?" 

Mrs. Lezley Johansen (Librarian): "Random Acts of Kindness, because there are a lot of neat things on there."

Brianna L (Senior): "YouTube, because it makes my day brighter to watch videos."

Kennedy C (8th Grade): "Facebook, because I can spend hours on end on it."

Riley S (Sophomore): “World of War Craft, because I like fighting dragons.

Jack D (Junior): “Google, because I love to search things.”

Tanner J (7th Grade): “Sports Illustrated, because I can check up on my sports.”


Question of the Week

By: Suzanne J 

“What’s your family tradition for Thanksgiving?”

Ms. Berda (Teacher): "Eat as much food as possible.”

Katlyn G (8th grader): “Go to my grandma’s.”

Nick B (Freshman): “Eat turkey.”

Cassie W (Sohpmore): “Go to my grandma’s and eat”

Brittney P (Junior): “Spend time with my family.”

Joe S (Senior): “Go to my grandma’s and get stuffed.”


Question of the Week

By Kyle L

“Twilight fan or not?”

1) Katie K (senior): Fan of the book; I like the plot because its romantic.

2) Tom D (Senior): No, it’s all fake and stupid.

3) Janice F (9th grade): Yes, because of Jacob.

4) Trevor W (8th grade): No, it’s not realistic.

5) Alisha M (7th grade) Yes, it’s the greatest ever.

6) Carly L (9th) Yes, Edward is amazing.


Question of the Week

By Kyle L

“What is your greatest weakness?”

1) Jacob M (senior): Paper cuts and spiders, because paper cuts are painful and spiders are scary.

2) Bethany P (freshman): Spiders, they are disgusting.

3) Mariah A (8th grade): Bridges, because they could collapse.

4) Joe S (senior): Snakes, because they creep me out

5) Mr. LeVirgil Monroe (teacher) Things I cannot do, things that I don’t understand enough to do.

6) Collin H (junior) Heights, I fell out of a tree once.

In honor of American Education Week this week’s Question of the Week is “What is your favorite aspect of school?”

By Brooke W      

1) Mitchell C (8th grader): The new Mac computers because they are fun to play around on.

2) Phil K (7th grader): I have the opportunity to participate in sports.

3) Mr. Williams (principal): The majority of students at Valley are involved in a variety of activities from sports to drama to being in music.  This makes our students much more well-rounded individuals.

4) Tyler O (senior): Mr. Bonte’s classes because there is a couch.

5) Abby R (junior): I like that everybody is nice and gets along with each other.

6) Shannon J (sophomore): The teachers, because they try hard to help us learn.


Question of the Week  

By Brooke W

“If you had the day off from school what would you do?”

(1) Liz F (sophomore): Working on the farm.

(2) Michael F (senior): Sleeping in and playing video games.

(3) Kenzie E (freshman): I Would Relax and then go work on the farm.

(4) Ms. Holly Mohs (teacher): I would probably spend the day shopping.

(5) Doug S (8th grade): Take a trip to Disney World.

(6) Jessie T (7th grade): Hanging out at my house with my friends. 

Question of the Week

By Chelsi B

“What would you like to receive for Christmas this year?”
Brooke W (Senior): A digital camera.

Kolby P (7th Grader): A laptop.

Trystan R (7th Grader): A dirtbike.

Ms. Madole (Teacher): Good health for family and friends.

Max M (Sophomore): My parents to be happy.

Cody O (Freshman): A really nice snowmobile 

Question of the Week

By Joelle D

“What is your favorite thing to do on snow days and why?”

1) Dakota M (8th grader): Have snowball fights with friends because I like to hit them with snowballs.

Logan (freshman): Four wheeling, because it’s fun to get stuck.

Mariah M (sophomore): Sleep, because there is nothing else to do.

Natalie M (junior): Watch old movies and drink coffee, because it's nice to just relax

Ashley C (senior): Sleep, because I have nothing else to do during the day.

Mrs. Lenth (teacher): Bake cookies, because I have more time to do it and enjoy it.


Question of the Week

By Kenna L 

“What was your favorite present that you received for Christmas?” 

Rachael S (Junior): “Mutant Ninja Turtle Figurines.”

Joelle D (Senior): “A purple digital camera.”

Grant W (7th Grade): “An iPod Touch.”

Shauna K (Freshman): “My awesome socks.”

Zack R (8th Grade):“A new iPod.”

Jacob T (Sophomore): “The love of my family.”


Question of the Week

By Kenzie N

“If you had to pick a color to describe yourself what would you pick and why?”
1) Kenna L (Senior): Yellow, because I love the sunshine.
2) Anna B (Junior): Lime green, because I’m very energetic.

3) Melanie Bauch (Secretary): Beige, because it goes with everything.

4) James T (Sophomore): Yellow, because I’m bright and fun.

5) Geordan H (Freshman): Green, because it’s everywhere.

6) Reagan L (7th Grade): Purple with green polka dots, because my personality is scrambled.


Question of the Week
By Chelsi B

“What is the best movie you’ve seen this school year?”

1) Tyler S (Senior): The Hangover, because it’s really funny.
2) Suzanne J (Senior): New Moon, because it stars Taylor Lautner.

3) David T (Junior): Zombieland, because I like zombies.

4) Alex O (Sophomore): Avatar, because I want to be blue like the people in it.

5) J.D. P (7th Grader): Avatar, because it’s awesome.

6) Mrs. Krambeer (Teacher): Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, because I watched it with my daughter (I don’t get out much). 

Question of the Week

By Megan B

“What is your favorite Winter Olympic Event and why?”

1) Joe S (Senior): Short track speed skating, because it is awesome.

2) Mr. Bonte (Teacher): I have no favorites. I am mad about all of them

3) Natalie M (Junior): Speed skating because Apollo Anton Ohno is hot.

4) Max M (Sophomore): Luge, because it is dangerous.

5) Alex F (7th Grader): Snowboarding, because I like it when they wipe out.

6) Dawn T (Freshmen): Snowboarding, because they go really fast.


Question of the Week

By Joelle D 

What’s your favorite video game? Why?

Robyn Strong (nurse): I don’t play them because I would much rather read a good book.

Meghan O (freshman): I don’t play them, because I have better things to do.

Ryne S (senior): 2007 NCAA Football because Tim Tebow is in it.

Tori M (7th grade): I don’t play them because I feel it’s a waste of time.

Nate D (junior): World of Warcraft because there are cool dragons.

Kevin D (sophomore): Call of Duty, because it’s fun and competitive.  

Question of the Week

By Kenzie N

“What is your favorite part of the Music Carnival and why?”
1) Jacob M (Senior): The Cake Walk, because you get free cake and luck is on my side.
2) Erika H (Junior): The Ring Toss, because you can win free Mountain Dew.

3) Carole Nading (Secretary): Selling Tickets, because I do it every year.

4) Joe K (Sophomore): The Bean Bag Toss, because you get to throw bean bags at pictures of teachers faces.

5) Carly M (Freshman): The Cake Walk, because if you win you get to pick out a cool cake.

6) Dominick K (8th Grade): The Jail and Bail, because you get to put your friends in jail.


Question of the Week

By Joelle D

"What sight are you most excited to see on the chorus trip to D.C. and why?"

Carly L (freshman): The White House, because that’s where Barack Obama lives.

Heather T (sophomore): The Smithsonian, because that’s where the show Bones takes place.

Steven K (junior): Lincoln Memorial, because Lincoln was a great president.

Jenna S (senior): The Holocaust Museum, because it is very interesting and I enjoy history.

Logan P (senior): The Smithsonian, because it’s rich in educational value.

Mrs. Helgerson (chorus teacher): The inside of the Capitol Building, because we have never done that before.

Question of the Week

By Chelsi B

“What is your favorite spring activity?”

1) Brandon T (Senior): Four-wheeling, because it’s really muddy.
2) Courtney B (8th Grader): Swimming, because I enjoy it.

3) Kennie O (7th Grader): Track, because I like throwing the shot put.
4) Blake R (Freshman):
Turkey hunting, because I get to spend time with my friends.
5) Mr. Williams (Faculty):
Taking my son on walks, because I like being outdoors.
6) Kimberly K (Junior):
Golfing, because it’s fun and I get a good tan.




Tiger Beat Archive 2008-2009


Yes, we work hard, but we have some fun too... 





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