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Five Reasons to vacation closer to home

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Five reasons…to vacation close to home

By:  Kirstin K

            The school year is coming to an end, and the excitement for summer and all that summer brings is in the air.  One exciting element that summer brings for many families and individuals is a vacation.  Vacations to other parts of the country or around the world make some memorable experiences.  I am often narrow-minded when it comes to picking vacation spots; I love adventurous, exotic, warm, sunny, and beautiful places that are usually far away.  On Earth Day, however, I went with the senior class to Bennett Trail, and this trip made me realize that there are adventurous, beautiful places not to far from where we live.  I’ve come up with five reasons to vacation close to home. 

            Who hates twelve hour car rides? “Me, me, me!”  One major benefit of vacationing close to home is the short travel time.  Everyone knows that being stuck in a vehicle with family for more than an hour tests anyone’s patience level.  A short drive would keep the spirits of the group up as well as keep the peace.

            The short travel distance cuts down on the cost of gas, and this is just one expense that will be lower.  Vacationing close to home can save you a lot of money.  This is especially true if you choose to stay home instead of getting a hotel room.  Packing your lunch instead of eating out all the time also saves money. You might also not be tempted to buy those “must have” souvenirs if you live closer to the attraction. 

            You knew that there was bound to be some tie between vacationing close to home and the economy.  It’s true, they are related.  When you vacation close to home, you also not only support the local businesses, but you may find adorable little shops full of goodies that you wouldn’t otherwise discover.

            Visiting local attractions is also a great way to learn more about where you live.  I know I’d be surprised by how much I don’t know about northeast Iowa.  For example, Montauk located just up the road in Clermont is full of history waiting to be explored.

            Vacationing close to home will cause you to come to appreciate your home more.  Knowing that there are beautiful and exciting places to rock climb, hike, swim, shop, etc… is a great reminder of why we live where we do.

            So, when you’re planning your summer vacation and tossing ideas around, don’t leave out the great Midwest.  The benefits will be positive on many levels. 

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