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Five Reasons to recycle

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Five reasons…to recycle

By:  Kirstin K

            Last week was Earth week.  Valley students were able to kick off the week with a speaker/presentation on Monday.  On Wednesday all classes in grades 7-12 participated in go-green activities.  Earth week opened my eyes to being environmentally friendly without being over the top.  One simple way to do this is recycling.  There are five reasons why you should recycle.

            Recycling reduces waste.  An average American contributes 7 ½ pounds of garbage a day.  Too much of this trash is sent to landfills.  The reduction of waste is important in keeping the number of landfills to a minimum.

            Living in northeast Iowa, we are lucky to have rolling hills, winding rivers, and wildlife up the wazoo.  What we don’t often see is the effect garbage has on wildlife.  Using recycled materials reduces the damage done to forests, rivers, and other places essential to wildlife.

            With only 1% of the water on earth being accessible fresh, drinking water, it is important to protect it.  Making goods from recycled materials generates far less water pollution than using non-recycled materials. 

            Saving energy cuts down the costs for everything, and recycling saves energy. Significant amounts of energy are saved in manufacturing when recycled materials are used.  One example of this is aluminum cans.  Manufacturing with recycled cans uses 95% less energy!

            Let’s face it, something is seriously up with the economy today.  Economic issues are in the news and in conversations daily, but recycling creates jobs!  That was not a typing error.  Recycling companies in the United States employ 1.1 million people nationwide.

            So, whether you’re a tree hugger, an animal lover, or a person that just likes to make a difference, or just an average Joe, recycling provides an avenue to improve your situation, as well as everyone else’s on this planet.  There really is something for everyone in this simple go-green step. 

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