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Five Reasons not to procrastinate

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Five reasons…not to procrastinate

By:  Kirstin K

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” and “I’ll get to it later,” are phrases that have a tendency of becoming too familiar in our daily dialogue.  My multimedia class, a class of eight senior girls, all who have a serious case of senioritis, is a prime example of procrastination at its best..  Sometimes this “disease” is a phase, but too often it becomes chronic.  In response to my own senioritis, I decided to do something about it and compiled a list of five reasons not to procrastinate.

Being a prompt person leads to less stress.  I feel much more comfortable knowing my article has been sent to the newspaper a few days in advance.  Scrambling to finish a project, assignment, or supper causes unwanted and unnecessary stress.

With the economy issues facing us today, everyone is looking for avenues to save money.  There are several ways that not putting things off can actually save money.  Paying bills on time avoids late fees and increased interest rates.  Early birds often do get the worm and the better deal when shopping at stores having sales.

One benefit of not procrastinating is an improved reputation.  Employees, teachers, and peers notice those who appear on time and those that do not.  The notice taken in those arriving early is positive, because it shows responsibility.

Those individuals that don’t wait until a deadline to accomplish a task get more done.  In multimedia, and my other classes, getting ahead on current projects allows for the opportunity to do other assignments and help out my peers. There really is no downside to getting more things accomplished than originally planned.

Procrastination can lead to sloppy work.  Rushing does not allow a person to produce his or her best work.  A simple task such as cleaning my room is completed at a higher quality when I take my time.  When it comes to important tasks, producing the best work possible is important.

Tackling the problem of procrastination can be an easy fix.  Creating lists, having a daily planner, and setting alarms are all plans a person can use to become more punctual.  Oh, and by the way…this article was sent in early!

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