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Composition is a developing course, so new links will be added quite often.

Course Links:

Course Syllabus

Writer's Workshop Page

School Is Cool Bookblog

Boring Newsletter Historical Song Response Essay

Small Moments Poems

Grammar Lesson Page

Transcendentalism Lessons

U.S. History Transcendentalism Paper Info

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Black History Month Essay

Tools for writing:

Ultimate Writer's Guide

Writer's Handbook

Editing-Revising Form

Essay Map  

Notetaker Outline

Paper Rater

My Access

Write Traits Help

Plagiarism Tutorial

Story Starters 1

Story Starters 2

Story Starters 3





Need help or info while writing?

Essay Model

Essay Example

Elements of an Excellent Essay

Writing Process Notes


Research Paper Info/Tools:

Evaluating Internet Sources

Plagiarism WebQuest


Citation Machine

In-text Citation Help

Works Cited Help

U.S. History Research Paper Info

US History Research Paper Topic List

Awesome Thesis Building Tool!

Inspiration Template--Statement of Opinion

Inspiration Template--Primary Source Analysis

Pay it Forward Links:

Read each of the stories and think about how

the character "pays it forward" by doing a kindness without expectation of a return.

Folk Tale 1--A Drum: An Indian Folk Tale

Folk Tale 2--A Boy and His Donkey

Folk Tale 3--Sedge Hats for Jizo

Folk Tale 4--Luck of a Child


For more understanding and explanation of concepts to use in your essay, read this essay on serial reciprocity and the whole

"pay it forward" concept.  It will help you

to find ideas to use in your own essays.

Serial Reciprocity: Pay it Forward


The following link is to a good site that

describes the different types of

comparison/contrast essays you can write. 

Often professors or teachers will assign you

a specific style to use, but for this essay, you

can choose the way you want to organize it,

as long as it follows one of the traditional comparison/contrast models. 

Comparison/Contrast Essays


Graphic Organizers to help your prewriting:

Inspiration Organizer

Graphic Organizer I

Graphic Organizer II


The juniors in composition are also

participating in a Kindness Campaign

where each student is expected to do

something kind for someone else.  When

they do this kind deed, they will then pass

on the Kindness Postcard.  Each person

that received the postcard is then asked

to "pay it forward" and do a kind deed for

someone else, passing the postcard along

to the next person.  After the 20th person

receives the card, hopefully, they will drop

the card in the mail and we will be able to see where our kindness has traveled.

Kindness Campaign Blog 


Online Assessments:

Writing Process Quiz


End of Year Evaluation






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