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An unstoppable force The Dark Knight is on a roll

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An unstoppable force:

The Dark Knight is on a roll

By: Sarah J


                “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.”  While the Joker may have only been making a statement about the relationship between himself and Batman, part of that line has become definite reality: the new Batman movie is an unstoppable force.

                The film is set one year after the events of Batman Begins.  Batman (Christian Bale), Gotham police detective Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman), and the new district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), are all out to stop the organized crime left in the streets of Gotham.  Soon, they have to deal with the rising threat of a psychotic mastermind known as The Joker (Heath Ledger).

                As the film progresses, it seems to focus more on The Joker.  For a while, we think we know what he is about.  However, there is a point in the film that changes the perspective entirely, and we realize we still do not know him.  This is one reason, I think, why the audience is drawn to The Joker more than any other character.  Batman is the obvious hero.  He fights for justice.  He’s got the “typical” superhero status.  Harvey Dent is another one of the predictable good guys.  While he doesn’t go around wearing a costume, he still fights for the same thing Batman does.  Compared to these two, there is literally nothing known about The Joker and that’s why the focus is on him throughout the majority of the movie. 

                The Joker also seems to be the focus of many conversations that deal with The Dark Knight because he was played by Heath Ledger.  Now that Ledger is deceased, the public is focusing more on his role.  Some people believe that The Dark Knight is a great tribute to a great actor.  Others believe that, because of the dark aspects of the movie and the psychotic mindset of The Joker, the movie is what drove Ledger to his death.  “I know there are these rumors out there that playing the Joker drove him to his grave,” Christian Bale told Entertainment Weekly’s Benjamin Svetkey for their July 11th article ‘The Dark Knight’: Tragedy and Triumph, “But I never saw anything of that. He was always on time. He knew his part backwards and forwards. I just thought he was a really sweet kid.”  Whether Ledger’s death had anything to do with his role as The Joker or not, it still seems to be a draw for audiences.

                The Dark Knight is a grade A movie in my opinion.  There’s lots of action, explosions, and morals within the two and a half hour movie.  There is also implied violence, and a little language, proving that the rating of PG-13 was well placed.  The talent of all the actors adds to the dark ambience of the film.  This movie is for long-time Batman fans and new arrivals alike.  Whether viewers have been reading the comic books since they could read, or have just recently got into the superhero scene, The Dark Knight is a movie that I believe will entertain all action seekers.

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